The Derby Trail 2023 thread

Think its time to get that going. Anybody have any thoughts at this point?

I do.
I hope all of the eligible babies will stay safe and sound, stay sober and clean (trainers take heed!), and not be robbed of a purse because of crap jockeys (theirs or another horse’s). I hope trainers will behave themselves and act with honor and respect for their trainees, their employees, and their racegoing public.
I would actually like to be able to enjoy watching some good races this year, enjoying all the pretty baby horses and not be gut-punched by the dark and disgusting misdeeds of humans who exploit our love of horses for their own love of money.


Lets hope…

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I worked with two who are being mentioned as early favorites - Sun Thunder and Scoobie Quando. Fingers crossed that both have safe campaigns and make the run for the roses.


Arabian Knight looked great in the Southwest, but I really liked the Gun Runner colt, Red Route One. Came from waayyy back to be second. Not a threat to the winner however.

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Last year i picked my Derby favorite this early, only to be disappointed when he didn’t even get to the Derby. I think he did make it to the Belmont but I don’t think he did much.

Andie Biancone was riding a cool draft horse on the track on TVG today, anyone know what breed it is?

Rocket Can (winner of the Holy Bull) is gorgeous!

And Into Mischief has a good day–Rocket Can on the East Coast and Newgate (in the Bob Lewis) on the West Coast.

His name is Master. Maybe Percheron cross?

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I’ve noticed some pretty cool three year olds by Arrogate. Anyone know how many foals he had for this year? Curious how many are left in the pipeline for the next couple of years.

Per the Jockey Club:

107 Live foals of 2019 (4yos)
113 Live foals of 2020
106 Live foals of 2021

He died June 2020, so that’s it.



Some good, bad and ugly on the race tracks this past weekend.

Cairo Consort really got left really baaad at the gate in the Swedish Chant at Gulfstream, lost at least 6 lengths, lagged well behind looking to finish well out of it. Then came from nowhere to win. Watch the replay, exciting and thoughtful, patient ride from IO. She was 3rd in the BC JF and sold at that sale afterward for 875k to, IMO, top connections and a stall with TP. Good job.

The bad…the failure of many, if not most, highly favored youngsters to live up to their hype. As happens this time of year. Heres hoping they sort things out and fulfill their early promise.

The ugly? Santa Anita sending off only 4 entries in what used to be a valid Derby prep race. The kicker is they were ALL trained by the same trainer. Announcers noted there were 18 possible colts for this race, 15 from that same trainers barn. That looks bad to outsiders and also bettors, maybe different owners but smacks of conflict of interest. Looks bad.

Need I say who the trainer was… :roll_eyes:


Really nice run after such a bad start!

Count me as not impressed with the BB 4 horse special :roll_eyes:


Thanks for posting that race video.

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Newgate, the winner of the Bob Lewis, is out until summer with a hock injury.

Bummer…but at least it was not a result of being asked for too much too soon or result of a red hot stretch duel to decide dominance in an early Derby battle in his last race, the 4 horse BB Special.

Hoped the Derby Trail would be a little clearer by this point as the really competitive preps loom starting next weekend. Only thing obvious is BC having a very promising group of Classic quality youngsters and good for him.

The fillies who looked a cinch for the Oaks in the past few months, Wonder Wheel and Hoosier Philly finished on the board but seemed disinterested in fighting for it. Maybe they can bounce back. Wet Paint was spectacular but reserving judgement until I see her win or at least do well on a fast, dry track, something shes never experienced in her short career.

One thing that perked my interest was something that was not said. BB shipped a promising Justify colt to SA at Fairgrounds immediately before the Risen Star. SA was asked his strategy and said he had no idea. Interviewer pressed for more details, SA said “ Only had him in my barn for a day and a half. I don’t know”.

The talking heads reported the jockey had also been asked how he would ride the race on a colt he’d never been on or around and replied “ I don’t know”. Asked again, jockey repeated “I don’t know”. Talking heads remarked that was an unusual answer from both trainer and jockey. No crediting other trainer, no saying how nice the colt was. Nothing. Interesting.

At last…couple of good races from good colts expected to do well amidst the carnage of beaten favorites.

Practical Move out west, out of TYs barn…where he’s been all his racing life, not a BB client. The heavily favored Hyjaz (sp?) answered the distance question and likely will aim elsewhere. Forte was heavily favored as well, but earned the hype. Looked the part too.

There were, of course, great efforts from lightly regarded colts without much of a resume but need to see another race against quality peers to hop on their bandwagon. Overall, pretty wide open KD field at this point

On the odd front, In the Gotham at Aqueduct, with 15 entries, a colt unseated his rider at the break and ran right in with the big field, moved to the rail at the head of the stretch and held it crossing the wire second…and held a much straighter line then some with a jockey.

Last week Red Route Run tortured every talking head and the race announcer…try saying it quickly. Fortunately for them, he didn’t figure in most of the calls or post race analysis.

Held a much straighter line than Irad Ortiz did on Forte. Had no effect on the result of the race, but why, oh why, did he have to cut in and impede Mage? One of these days he is going to get someone killed.

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