the Dreaded Pad dilemma

I hope someone has the magic answer!

My jump saddle is a touch too wide for my OTTB. I intentionally had it paneled this way because he still has a little filling out to do. Therefore, I need something with some fill and would like some shock absorption too.

HOWEVER, every setup I’ve tried creates a tight fit under the stirrup bar once girthed up. I use a Draper Therapies square pad, which I want to use under whatever other pad works. The Draper pad has a little thickness, but nothing major.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

Ecogold Calmatech jump pad
Toklat Matrix Coolback competition pad with Pro Impact inserts (the thinnest ones)
Toklat basic half pad with Pro Impact inserts
Sedelogic S pad- this is a really amazing pad and I love the idea that it is designed to sit behind the shoulder, however I think the shape creates uneven pressure points along the panels.

I haven’t tried Thinline because I think it will be too thin overall.

I’ve kinda avoided Ogilvy because it seems to be just a fad…but I could be totally wrong!

So, I guess my question is, is there something that offers some fill and support, but squishy enough to mold to the saddle?

I just ordered a Lami-Cell half pad for a similar fit issue. I felt the Ogilvy would be too much (both for fitting purposes and because I worried it would alter the way I felt in my saddle). Also thought the Thinline wouldn’t be enough. Will report back. Bonus: it’s cheaper than nearly all other comers.

I think the thinline comfort pad would probably work. It’s got a backing on it instead of just the thinline material. Should give you the extra thickness you need without being too much

What about the Thinline Trifecta pad? It’s shimmable, so you can pad up the shoulders if you need some more up front.

Invictus Equality with shims. Expensive, so worth it – it helps those “almost right” saddles fit better and leaves my horses’ backs very happy.

I was looking at these on Bit of Britain. They even have a rental one!

Invictus Equality with shims. Expensive, so worth it – it helps those “almost right” saddles fit better and leaves my horses’ backs very happy.[/QUOTE]

I would try a Fleeceworks shimmable sheepskin pad. That worked for my guy until he filled out. I also have used the Back on Track pad with the shimmable Thinline on top. It works almost as well as the Fleeceworks. Eventing Nation says has a sale this weekend.

I use an Equine Comfort Products half pad with my dressage saddle … it comes with three shims in the front and back on each side - 1 thick, 2 thin - so you can “customize” the fit.

Also, with a shim pad, you could figure out where the bars sit and carve out the shims and bevel the edges to relieve the pressure while still getting the fill where you need it.

Ogilvys look really thick, but compress a lot with the saddle and rider on them. They might not be the best pad for shock absorption but mine works really well for saddle fit purposes.

The saddle fitter used by most at my barn recommends the ProLite pad - comes with two different thicknesses of shims and is shimmable in front, middle, or back.