The Life of an Eventing Working Student: A New Blog!

I want to share my new blog with anyone who loves reading about horses, or is interested in learning what being a working student is like!

About me: I’m currently based near Aiken, SC and apprenticing with Michelle Donlick, a Preliminary level rider, at Avalo Farm. In September, at 29 years old, I left my job and my very supportive husband back in Portland, OR to become a working student for Michelle and pursue my dreams of becoming an eventing professional. When I was younger I didn’t really understand that taking a path like this was an option for me, and after working regular jobs that I wasn’t passionate about for too long, I just decided to take the leap. I hope to share my daily experiences and the lessons learned from them on my blog with other horse-loving people who might be thinking of taking the leap for themselves!

Please check out my blog and share it with people you think might enjoy it! I post very often, at least once a week and usually more. Posts always contain pictures and often video, and sometimes cover local Events at places like Stable View and Full Gallop. The blog is at:

Thanks so much for reading, and many happy rides!

Thanks for sharing your adventures and good luck!!

Thanks Training Cupid!! Your blog looks great, too. I’m really interested in OTTBs, so I’ll definitely be checking it out :slight_smile: