The National Drive Rollcall - Who's going?

My Club members are locked & loaded, the same group that has gone for years, since it was held in Lexington.
Even have some new additions.
I can only get away for Thursday-Saturday, but it will still be more fun than s/b legal. :sunglasses:
Hoping to GTG with some COTHers.
@goodhors Are you In?

Sorry, we are not attending this year. Wicker is not ready to take out in public yet. The other two, Hawk and Alyss are already good for hazards and road driving, back trails after the visits the last two years. They were very good at Metamora for the CDE and Sem Groenwald lessons. I think Sem quite enjoyed driving them! Husband thought he got a lot from Sem to improve with. I will miss seeing you and the other folks there. One friend recently lost her husband (health issues complicated by Covid) so she probably won’t attend. They were so much fun to talk to!

Husband has been spending time at the Trainer’s as Lia works thru her first hitchings quietly. She seems so much more mature after giving her last year off. Seems to like her work (or maybe just the routine!) in daily handling. I think she is up to about 6 now, using 2 people. She looks real nice out there.

We just have been busy! Starting winter preparations. Will be mowing, weed spraying, seeding and fertilizing, starting tomorrow. Something every day! The hayfield needs to produce better, so we are trying the grass drill to improve thickness and adding more Timothy and orchard grass seed. Pastures need to improve as well, so more seed there too. But not fertilizing them until spring. I did not get good results with the broadcast seeder last spring, so that seed apears to be wasted money in the weird May weather here. Think I may sell that seeder.

Kind of talking about doing Martin’s Auction in Oct, depends on if we can get a horse sitter. May share a truck ride with friends. Easier travel on all of us.

Have a great time!

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I’ll miss seeing you, DH, Alyssa & Hawk.
But I understand Busy.
This year seems to be at double speed, things that need to be done piling up :expressionless:

Villa Louis Carriage Classic never got together for me.
The 5h drive solo was too much & the Club friends who had wanted to go (one hauling Bugs for me) came up with other things that interfered.
Maybe next year…

I did put together a Redneck Cones* course for friends that drove remarkably well & will repeat that before heading to the Drive.
Bugs loves his Cones, earning the nickname Black Lightning :laughing:

*Stolen road cones, red Solo cups marking the right & electrical tape numbers :smirk:

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Going to try to make it --like everyone, the up coming winter seems to have appeared quite suddenly.

For me, more “house work” than farm work as with the great weather and good help I’ve managed that. It’s the house work that hangs over me —I have come to the conclusion that I will never need my 5 remaining Power Suits that are now 20-15 years old --will try to sell (bidding starts at $1 if anyone needs size 12 Tall (35 inseam) suits) Last time I wore them was 3 years ago when I was in court to get back my money from a clinic organizer that took my money and didn’t hold the clinic. Took 5 days in court (over six months) but gave me a chance to wear each one just one more time. I am keeping one black dress to wear to funerals. Then all I have in my closet are farm clothes and riding clothes . . .sad to say goodbye but happy with the decision.

Oh, dear, I did ramble . . .but I will try to see you and Bugs --we used to show at Hoosier Horse Park so know it well. Saw where you can’t pull rigs into the stall area --that was always a nice feature when we were there --pull to your stall, unload, go park.

Let me know when you are this way . . .

:+1: Ditto on the Closet Review.
Last time I purged I kept some Work Clothes. Now I wonder why :roll_eyes:
Goodwill is gonna get a donation very soon.
Hopeless on the other housework.
If I sweep up the cathair tumbleweeds daily, I call it Good. :smirk:

Hope to see you at HHP. :grin:

Hope those headed to the National Drive have good driving weather, easy traveling, to enjoy the fun. Kind of sad to miss going this year.

Still working on winterizing things here. Got the young mare home from the trainer and reintroducing her to the herd, one new horse a night. She seems very happy to be home, out with another horse. Lots of running and bucking! Everyone is getting fuzzy with the cooler nights, still have good grazing with the rain.

It has been rainy in Edinburgh, but forecast today is better :crossed_fingers:
I’m heading out soon, meeting Club friends who got there Tuesday.
Told the horses staying home if they roll in mud it’ll stay until Sunday!
Hope to see you at the next Fall drive👋

Victorious Update:
Bugs & I won 2nd & Reserve in the Tacky Tack class :blush:

What you can’t see is the jumper cables attached to cart & his breeching.
Judge (in biballs) asked if he was fully charged. :laughing:
Bugs added his own touch.
I hosed him down after a trail drive & figured any shavings added if he rolled could only add to the Tacky :smirk:
He did me one better by rolling in the limestone not covered by shavings.
Disgusting Mess just begins to describe him :expressionless:

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Congratulations!! Your photo here was shown on our Club FB page as part of the fun being had at the National Drive!! I looked and said to myself, “I know her!” What fun!!

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:grin: Thanks!
We iz faymoose! :sunglasses::horse:
One more Thing here.
Driven Dressage lesson at 3:30 w/Trish Demers from AZ.
Trailer hitched & ~60% packed.
After the lesson, in goes cart, harness & Bugs & head for home.
We may beat dark by a skosh :pray:

Trish is very nice, should be fun getting a lesson with her! We are Internet friends and have participated in a lot of driving discussions together. Both of us are big on solid basics and have had a lot of “traditional” carriage influences on how we do things.

Should be a great time. Hope the drive home is smooth and with good weather. Great weather up here, between the rain showers! Ha ha. Really greening up and fairly warm. Getting lots done outside.

Some kind of Snafu had me & Trish not gtg for my lesson :disappointed_relieved:
Pls let her know I apologize if the mix-up was my fault :persevere:
Instead I got a lesson from the Most Awesome Joanna Wilburn.
She loved Bugs (of course I think he’s wonderful, but nice to have it confirmed by a Welsh breeder) & corrected a lot of my sloppy habits :roll_eyes:, for which I’m sure he was grateful.
Hoping I can get back for Spring Fling - a thought that will get me through Winter :persevere: