The Rider Forms the Horse

Anyone have a copy of this book that you’re willing to part with? If so, please PM me. It’s on Amazon but for an astronomical sum.

Did you look at Abe Books? I’ve found old books on there for $12-15 when they’re $100+ on Amazon.

Powell’s is another good place to look for old books.

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Thank you! Abe has three copies, all for approximately $1500.00 (yes, two zeros before the comma!). But I will try Powells! Is it the store in Portland?

Found one on eBay for $119 and a downloadable ebook too.

Thanks @Willesdon! Where did you see the ebook?

Somewhere in Google but didn’t note down the address, sorry. I’m in the UK and I think we get different search results but it wasn’t hard to find.

Just to add, this is possibly the most fascinating second hand book shop in the world

Actually, not a shop, more an entire house taken over by books and there are a couple I still regret not buying when I saw them.


Yes, Powell’s is the one in Portland. I’ve been there in person a couple of times on business trips to Portland and it’s Heaven on Earth for book lovers.

I did find a link to a pdf of the book here:

But it looks like it’s the German language version of the book.

I found it by search the book title and Gutenberg Project, although, oddly, it doesn’t come up in a direct search at the Gutenberg Project web site.

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