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The Saratoga Special

The Clancy brother’s do a great job. Always fun to read IMO.

Joe has done an excellent job with the Mid-Atlantic T-bred also (formerly the Maryland Horse).

Really miss the Steeplechase Times but Joe added its “flavor” to the Mid-Atlantic


Thanks for the link.

Things from my youth I will never get back: driving to Landhope to pick up the latest copy of the Steeplechase Times…

(Well, I guess you could still drive to Landhope if you happen to live near one of the three remaining.)

Bookmarked it for reading later this week.

Agree 1000%.

They put out a new one each morning of racing at Saratoga. Has the best quotes from around the track, best inside stories, great humor, and great writing.

Their kids used to walk it around to everyone seated in the clubhouse. Not sure if they still do, but it’s in stands at several locations around the track - including the backstretch kitchen - free. :slight_smile:

(At one point in recent years, NYRA was trying to keep the papers from the grandstand - reduce distribution - fire hazard or something stupid? So many horseman were up in arms, NYRA backed down. TG)

Not every day, it’s 3-4 issues a week now. And great reading!