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The totally underrated Digital Cushion: a horse owner's guide

It’s been awhile but a broken leg has me sidelined

The totally underrated Digital Cushion: a horse own’er’s guide

Stay cool, I am :wink:

If you write your blog in a word processor you can do a find/replace (DC -> digital cushion) on your shorthand before copying and pasting the whole text into the blog interface.

Thank you for the tip! I actually decided to use the shorthand, but if it is distracting, that wasn’t intended. I will keep that in mind for the future.

My reason for using the shorthand is for SEO. Basically (according to my limited knowledge) is that I should only use my optimized phrase, in this instance Digital Cushion, more than 4-5 times for the whole article. If I use it more, it will look spammy to the ranking robots.

Of course, I write for my horsey audience, not a bunch of robots. I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to write the feedback and the word processing tips, they left most of that out of horseshoeing school;).

Thanks for reading (and proofreading!)