For those of you who grew up with the Thelwell books, there is a Norman Thelwell Facebook page on which, among other things, those great old pony cartoons are shared. I love having them pop up in my newsfeed.


I went to an exhibition of Thelwell cartoons, the original drawings, in London many years ago. He was a really good artist with an acute eye for detail, which is perhaps why his cartoons have lasted so well. There is always something to see, a little detail previously missed. The reason I remember this particular exhibition is because everyone walked around the show chuckling and laughing at each picture which made it a wonderful, joyous event.

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Oh thank you for this, never fails to make me smile

From the times when ponies were tricky and children had to be wily to ride them! Most of us ha little control, much like the children in the cartoons. But if we could stay on, who cared?! Galloping was our favorite gait, we got to other places faster. Then we went out together in groups, terrorizing the neighbors concerned for our safety. Our ponies were a combination of Black Beauty, wise in all ways and the Black Stallion, a bit “lively” at times. It was so much fun!

The cartoons always make me laugh about the times we were those children on our rascally ponies.


Thanks so much!

All the girls at my riding school read Thelwell, and, of course, believed it was actually all about us.


I might even visit facebook for this - and that’s saying something.