Therapeutic/Ceramic sheets (other than BOT)

I have a horse with mild kissing spine and I think a therapeutic sheet might help his back stay loose during the winter. Unfortunately Back on track sheets are a terrible fit for him. Other companies are coming out with similar products and I am wondering to anyone has experience with the other brands (Smartpak, Rambo Ionic, Weatherbeeta, etc)? Thanks! (cross-posted)

Horseware has the Ionic blanket. I used it, found it to not be comparable to the BOT. But I understand the issue with fit with BOT. I have the old summer sheet that is a different fit, it’s a little small for my guy, but I refuse to buy their new one that is god awful for fit and hanging on their withers.

Draper Therapy makes a blanket that is also like BOT I believe.

Professional Choice makes the Magnetic Blanket.

Bucas makes a therapy blanket

Welcome to the KS club :slight_smile: I use a heating pad prior to riding to help keep the back loose as well. I did find a difference with the BOT blanket with my guy and his back.

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@LadyB thank you! I think I am leaning towards Draper at this point as they do seem to parallel BOT…I really want to use BOT since they have such good reviews, but I so wish they would change their sizing and fit!


BoT has a blanket liner/insert that you can attach to your regular blanket.


I believe HKM produces one

Not entirely sure how it would attach, I’ve used that as a saddle pad though.


I don’t have personal experience on how well they seem to “work” or day-to-day usage, but I’ve seen them on horses in passing, and they look like a nice fit/design.

I think Draper went out of business?

Catago has a ceramic sheet, as well as Schneiders, Smartpak, and Tough 1

They recently posted that they are not cutting back on their equine stuff… but they were at one point

Oh thats great news!

I like the Benefab ones:
They’re pricier than a BoT, but I’ve had both and I think the Benefab ones work better. I saw zero effect with the BoT, but improvement with the Benefab ones with my KS gelding.

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I have the Smart Scrim as well which I bought to replace a BOT mesh sheet. Not a KS horse and I haven’t ridden after using it as the horse has been laid up and off for a while. Bought it because the BOT was too hot and the Benefab is certainly better in that regard. It has helped with swelling and seems to help keep her from getting stuff when in the stall. The fit is better but still not ideal on her withers IMO.

Professional Choice makes one just like this too! I’ve heard great things.