Therapy tech horse blankets oppinions please

My horse has been wearing mostly his 0 gram to 50 gram since October often naked during the day if it is nice outside. I now want to move him up to a 100 gram blanket (naked when the sun shines). I like weatherbeeta but have been looking at this blanket may not be warm enough but if the ceramic beads heat them it may be ideal. He have a lovely 220 gram for the frozen winter nights but I feel like 100 gram would be ideal at this time. But if these blankets trap heat this may be lovely I may end up by the 220 gram if we get a nasty winter.
If anyone has used therapy tech I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and experiences.

Thank you in Advance!

I no longer own horses therefor I am not into buying blankets.

That said I have had wonderful results with using the Back on Track "exercise sheet. When there is a cold wind though I also put on a Shire’s wool quarter sheet over it. With both on the horses stay warm when I have to stop the horse to rest in the cold winds. I also use a Back on Track neck attachment while riding and it keeps their necks nice and warm AND I have not had to use gloves yet this winter because the radiated heat keeps my hands nice and warm.

Sorry I can’t help you about the blankets, but if I owned a horse I would certainly get them a BOT or other long-wave infrared reflecting turn-out blanket for use in the winter cold, as well as a lighter blanket to put over it if it gets bitterly cold and windy.

Interesting… you mean this mesh neck cover? Do you just attach two of the clips to the D rings at the front of the saddle? My concern riding in winter is always the neck - quarter sheet for the back end is easy, but if the neck is clipped (which I do because it always gets soooo sweaty) I always worry when it gets really cold (e.g., below 40 or so). I will have to try this!

Yes, that is the one I use.

It was sort of challenging figuring out how to secure it to the saddle. The attachment points of the neck rug do NOT line up with the saddle Ds. Sunday my teacher attached it to my grab strap, which did make it harder to use the grab strap when I practiced picking it up in my hands and keeping contact with the reins while I held the grab strap.

Creativity might be needed!

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