These reins?

I’ve had them longer than I know, so I’m so mad at myself for letting my big guy step on them and break them because I have never been able to find more. I have a habit of letting reins slip so the stops help, and my spare “show” braided reins are tearing my hands up thru gloves to compensate.

They aren’t cloth webbed with stops, which is all I can find, and they aren’t thick rubber either. They are (were) pebbled thin grippy rubber, perfect for wet riding, between the stops. Help??

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There are a few other brands that make them as well-- try searching for rubber web reins.
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I have and NEVER gotten this hit. Bless you!! Any chance you can find these in pony length as well? :wink: :pray:t4:

Welp maybe I wasnt because I’m getting all sorta of results now! Thank you!

I love these:

I think these are the same/similar:

I am pretty sure they are made by Bartville Harness (Amish tack shop) and if you can’t find them elsewhere they can definitely customize them any length you need. You just have to be very specific. Their catalog is linked on here somewhere I think, but if not I can look for it tonight.

Close your hand. Pinch the rein between your thumb and side of your index finger–that’s where you are hold the reins not your fingers. This was an epiphany to me when someone explained to me 40 years after I first learned to ride.


I can read the words, but the hands… the hands won’t follow :laughing:

What happens is a gap appears between ring finger and pinky, and the reins slide back n forth and wind up causing some significant discomfort on the inside middle joint of my ring finger. For whatever reason, not with the webber reins, because I can hook the stop somewhere, usually yes, my thumb.

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Thinline makes reins with stops that I love. Great in the rain and very easy to hold on to.

Lots of options for rubber reins with stops if you don’t mind ordering from the uk

I would contact John Nunn at Nunn Finer - I bet he could make you pony reins if he doesnt carry them. He is the best!

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I have these reins. Love. Love. Love. They’ve held up beautifully. Somewhere on another thread I posted photos (bridle, too), if anyone’s ever interested.

Here are some pony ones (not sure about the quality)

I have those and like them a lot! I don’t have exceptionally small hands, but so many reins feel so large in my palms.

Grasp the reins between your thumb and the side of your pointer finger. Now straighten and open the remaining 3 fingers so they are pointed forward(ish) and not involved in anyway with the reins. Ride around like that. Rinse and repeat. OR spend a couple weeks riding only with driving reins. Driving reins not only will help with grip, but for some reason it does lovely things helping you improve your forward following arm movement over a fence. I once watched Will Faudree (or maybe Coleman) jump an intermediate SJ course with a driving rein. If those guys were still working to be better as good as they are then we can too.

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I am a bit late to the party, but I love these reins:

Grippy, but not thick.