Thinking about getting frogs…

I lost my horse very suddenly to colic last weekend. I’m devastated and also probably not going to do horses again for a very long time… just need a break.

In the meantime I am desperate for something to occupy my time!! I have one dog but I’m a little too scared to jump right in to getting another dog or cat right now because I just can’t handle more heartbreak. We also want to save up to buy a house now that I’m hopefully going to have a lot more money lying around so we’ll probably do more dogs once that happens.

I have always been REALLY into frogs so I started doing a little research about frog ownership, and it’s truly amazing how literally nothing could be more expensive than owning a horse lol. You can get a full setup and all the supplies for a couple of frogs for less than the cost of one(1) month of horse ownership!!! Plus the tanks can be really pretty and cool and I love the idea of a fully bio active tank with little isopods in the soil eating the frog poop and live plants.

I’m thinking about doing like 2 or 3 white’s tree frogs, but I’ve joined some frog Facebook groups and am finding that they can also be kind of high maintenance and fragile!! Anyone else on here into frogs?? What is a good, easy pet I can get to fulfill my need to care for something with minimal emotional investment??


I am very sorry for your loss.

I love frogs, and when I was a little kid I had some tadpoles I was hoping would live long enough to turn into frogs. Two died and I released the survivor.

Now I love frogs when I happen across them out in their native habitat. I hate the thought of capturing wild creatures and imprisoning them in an artificial container just so I can watch them without risk of mosquito/chigger bites.

Since you love frogs, please wait 'til you buy a new house, hopefully one with a yard you can make into a wildlife-friendly habitat where you can enjoy your amphibian neighbors and they can enjoy their froggy freedom.


First of all, many hugs. I am sorry for your loss. it always stings!

I usually set the frogs back into the wooded strip next to my house.
Had a near heart attack when I dumped a bucket full of water, and then heard some indigent thumping from the now void of water vessel.
Some sort of frog was upset with me that I emptied his home. Off he went to the woodlands. (I hear a frog concert every night, not sure which of the neighbors has the body of water)

Then I found some toads which looked like they were wearing camo. grey-green freckles, very pretty.

Your setup sounds interesting! Go for it!
Just have a backup plan for possible offspring! without any enemies, the majority of eggs should hatch.

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I’m so sorry. Unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to explain to people how hard it is to lose a horse.

As far as frogs go, see if you can find a reputable breeder that has clean, captive bred frogs. They’ll live longer and you won’t be hurting wild frogs.


Yah just to be clear I would never take frogs out of the wild to keep them in captivity. Typically any frog you get online or in a pet store is bred in captivity and can’t be released anyway!


I can’t tell you anything about frogs but I wanted to wish you well with them!

Also, I’m so sorry about your horse. I lost my last horse to colic after being with him for many years.

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I have two Pacman frogs and enjoy what little I see of them! They’re a bit like pet rocks, to be honest… :rofl: Bioactive setups aren’t good for Pacs, though, and you can only keep one frog per tank. Maybe tomato frogs? They look really cute!

There are two really good FB groups that I belong to: one strictly for Pacs and the other for all terrestrial frogs. The moderators for both are very experienced and helpful, and swift to reply to any questions that newbies have, and don’t allow any bullying.

Feel free to PM if I can help in any way!


Cuties!!! :heart_eyes:

I’ve read that whites tree frogs are good for beginners bc they can tolerate a little bit of handling and they like to live together in groups. However they can’t handle very high humidity bc they’re from Australia, and I live in charleston SC in an old ass house so it is very humid in here lol. I’d love to be able to have a little waterfall or water element in there too…

Starting to get excited about spoiling the crap out of some little froggies and doing it really big with their tank lol :heart:

So sorry for your loss. I am not a frog expert but my family had fire belly toads when I was a kid and they were super fun! We used to sit and watch them chase crickets for hours. We were not exactly model toad owners but they stayed alive for several years so I don’t think they’re too high maintenance.