Thinline pad for rider back pain?

Hey everyone!
I have been getting lower back pain from the sitting trot. I ride dressage and currently use a total saddle fit pad. The pad is great for my horse because the withers are split (he has a very tall withers). I’m wondering if anyone has used one of the basic thin line pads for shock absorption, and if it actually works for the rider? I was thinking that would be a nice minimal addition to my total saddle fit halfpad, and the shock absorption might help my back? I was also thinking I could cut out a section over the wither so it doesn’t press down on my horse. Any other suggestions are welcome.
Thank you!

I ride a 28 year old Appendix QH with a slow trot that feels like I am riding a jackhammer.

Right now I am using a Fenwick Western pad (far infrared therapy plus it covers the horse’s loin, I am sure a BOT Western pad would work too) with a ThinLine Plus Contour pad on top of it. I also use a Smart Therapy exercise sheet over his croup.

I now can sit his trot some on his and my good days. My back does not feel as jarred as it did without this pad set up. This horse usually relaxes his back a little more with this set up and it is also working for his part-leaser who also rides him.

On our bad days I just give up and post his trot.

Thinline has recently come out with a nice (well to me…) update to the basic pad. It has a nicer shape that accommodates the wither and spine a lot better. I don’t work for Thinline btw.

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It did not help my back pain and I greatly disliked the feel (felt that it deadened the ride/ feel too much for me).

My Invictus pad does help. I also have a Prolite that I feel helps but haven’t been able to ride in it enough to say that with 100% certainty.

Great thank you, I will look into those!

Ok that’s good to know. I used to have a thinline on my old horse, and I don’t remember feeling anything especially noticeable from it for me, so this is helpful. I’ll look into the other two. Thank you!

Excellent thank you I haven’t seen this newer one. I did read that the effectiveness goes away after a certain amount of years so may be best for me to buy new if I go this route anyway.

These are nice seat-savers and really help with shock absorption. You can’t use them for showing but maybe more comfortable for training rides?
I have the one with the coccyx cut out for my particular owie.


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I have never heard of these thank you SO much!