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This is Horrible

Support for Announcer Hunt After Family Murdered - BloodHorse


Story was on my local News this morning.
Horrific does not begin to describe it.
Man arrested is alleged to have targeted the family.


has a reason been given?

He is an ex boyfriend of one of the daughters. So I imagine some type of revenge.
They found him in a cemetery with injuries. I can only imagine what kind of injuries.


BBC reports that suspect was an ex boyfriend of Louise. Suspect has a brother who is in jail for life for a 2018 murder.


Murder is a rare crime in the UK and John Hunt is a very popular figure in the racing world. It is a profound shock to everyone. Such a horrible thing to happen.



How terrible and heart breaking for him.

What does the term “cross bow” mean? Are they talking about the weapon used?

Yes, a turbo charged bow and arrow developed in the middle ages to pierce armor. Not an elegant weapon.

A crossbow is a pretty common hunting tool.

Random internet photo.


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A not real common murder tool. Those poor women. :pleading_face:

Cross bows are not common in the UK. We use guns to “hunt” a.k.a. “shooting” because hunting in British parlance involves riding horses across the countryside chasing a furry animal. Hunting with cross bows would be a seriously eccentric thing to do. Cross bows are used in archery for sport. They are supposed to be regulated but not nearly as tightly as hand guns. The murderer probably obtained a cross bow with the intent to commit his dire crime. He apparently attempted suicide but failed and has now been arrested.


I am a competitive archer and crossbows are classified as a weapon. They are not permitted in most facilities in my state and are not seen in competition except for 2 National events that I know of.

Crossbow users are not permitted to hunt during Bow season, they have to shoot during gun season