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This is quite a track pony!

Doing the right thing by TB royalty!


Six years at stud. Why did they stop and geld him? Sounds like he was halfway successful.

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Rumor mill is he had fertility problems. If that’s the case, my guess (and it’s only a guess) is they collected from fertility insurance but then needed to geld him in order to receive the payout. Maybe?


May he have a long and happy life. I’m sure his people will see to it.


That should be a wonderful career for him. Lava Man (the Coach) retired from racing and had a long career ponying too.

Jess’s Dream is so gorgeous!


I heard a rumor a couple years ago he had hind end issues, too, perhaps what led to his retirement from racing. He’s made some really nice sport prospects.

I don’t know if the hind end rumor had anything to do with his retirement from stud, either. Other whispers may indicate he wasn’t “getting the job done” once on top of the mares.

Personally, I’m not really sure I would want an experienced breeding stallion as a pony horse.

I’ve done it myself, on my own stallion ponying one of his yearling sons. But it wasn’t without hazards; and mine is a lovely, kind, professional horse with an eventing career, but still has dominant tendencies toward other horses in close proximity, as any stallion would. It’s manageable, but not something to take for granted.

I wouldn’t trust a castrated stallion who did nothing but breed mares for years to sit next to a sassy filly or a drag around a rank colt safely. Perhaps Jess’s Dream will just be the Trainer Couch from the gap, which he may do quite nicely.