Thornhill Zurich Dressage saddle

Anyone ride in a Thornhill Zurich? Do you like it?Opinions? What breed/ body type is your horse?

I had one. It’s off at the consigners as I have a different horse now. It’s a really well balanced saddle for the rock bottom price. Good for a flattish back because it has deep panels. For a “knockoff brand”, I think Thornhill makes a quality saddle.

I’ve got one. I think it is a really good price for the quality. I use it (MW tree) on my high withered broad TB and it seems to fit well. It is a little wide in the twist for my taste but I am used to riding in jump saddles so it is hard for me to comment on how it compares to other dressage saddles.

I agree with this. Slightly wide in the twist. Normally I don’t like that but this wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t so wide that it hurt my hips, just a little wider than some.

The description says it’s a narrow twist. Maybe narrower compared to the Thornhill Vienna model, which is a wide twist. I guess it’s a bit of personal opinion, too.

I love my Zurich. I’ve had it for over 10 years and it still rides like new. I have a MW and it has fit my thoroughbreds which one is on the wider side and one is a bit narrower. It also has fit a Dutch warmblood. The flock has stayed true and I can’t let this saddle go! I am not a fan of the huge blocks that come these days with dressage saddles and the Zurich has just enough without interfering. The price point is great too. When my trainer had called Thornhill about the saddle, they mentioned to her that this brand is made by another “well known and trusted” saddle brand. Never found out what it was but I don’t think you can go wrong with a Thornhill.

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I had one that I absolutely loved until a saddle fitter f’d up the flocking so bad I had to sell it. I’d love to find another xw