Thorowgood High Wither Saddle

Has anyone fit a thorowgood saddle on their wide back horse? And if so which R gullet bar colour has fit? I just bought my saddle, it’s made for wither relief, but I am having trouble with the gullet bar. I’ve had to replace it twice (Red, White). I was wondering if anyone has used their saddle without the gullet bar?? Temporarily of course. (with the use of thick foam half pad, and saddle pad)

He’s friesian/ DHH cross. Note* Will get a saddle fitter, or customer saddle eventually, but I am only taking beginner lessons indoor until I am a stronger rider so there is no need at this time.

No, you cannot use the saddle without the gullet plate properly installed. The tree can break, and the saddle will be permanently unusable.

IMHO, its even more important for a beginner to have a well-fitted saddle. When your balance isn’t perfectly stable, and you’re learning to carry your own body, you will necessarily be harder on your horse. At times, your weight will be too far forward, too far back, or come down heavy in the saddle. Those things will all exacerbate any pinching or bridging pain the saddle is causing.

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High withered would not work for a very round horse. The panels are different and it probably laterally rolls. Also the bars you have are a couple of sizes apart. The red is wide, orange is w/xw then the white.

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Questions answered, thanks! :+1:

I had a county rep recently tell me that a lot of their saddles built for really high withers also actually fit the flat-backed, round ones. They explained why but it all went way over my head. I never heard that before and I can’t visualize how the same saddle could fit both ends of the spectrum or how that would work but I’m curious.

I would be very curious to know what the Country rep explanation was in regards to their saddles

That is kind of like saying one size fits all clothing. Yes you can make it work, but we all know it is not the best.

It was weird and I wish I paid more attention but she basically said there’s a certain County pannel/ gullet configuration that only works for those two extremes and not the middle ground, medium sized withered ones. I just thought more about it after and my brain can’t make it work so I was hoping someone would know what she was referring to.