Those lint/hair trappers you put in the wash?

Anyone tried one? I’ve seen the ad on FB from time to time. Not only do I have Aussie hair and horse, but my OWN hair makes balls of yuck too. I usually find them stuck to the tech fabric clothes like my underwear :roll_eyes:

I have not seen the ads for what you are talking about. Do you have one to share?

Can’t produce the FB ad but these

Check out Ebay you can get them for a couple of dollars with free postage.

So do they work??

They work exactly the same as the lint trapper already on my washing machine, it just means you have more than one in the machine. All of them end up with lint in them to be removed after washing.

I dont have a lint trap on my washer?

Then in your case it will help you more than they do me putting them in my machine and I still do.