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Thoughts about the fit of my field boots?

![]( am seeking some advice as I am very torn about my current field boots. They are Ariat Heritage Field boots in a full calf. They are mostly comfortable, and they feel as though they fit through the calf. I don’t think I could quite fit into a regular calf. However, my concern is that they ripple down the back. There is one especially prominent spot where the leather juts out near the top (there is probably a centimeter between my skin and the leather). I have attached links to the pictures below. To you I ask should I keep them? Do you think the rippling/fit is bad enough to warrant getting rid of them and finding a better pair? Or would you hang on to them because it’s not noticeable enough to warrant ditching a perfectly good pair of boots?

Secondly, the boots really fold in at my ankle. This fold rubs quite a bit, even though they are very broken in. Has anyone experienced this and/or the rippling? Do you have any solutions?


-Andean Echo

Picture 1:[IMG]http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb146/Appaloosa58/DSCN8652.jpg)

Picture 2:[IMG]http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb146/Appaloosa58/DSCN8650.jpg)

I wasn’t able to open the images. Not quite sure why. Would you check the settings?

I have updated the links. Hopefully they work now.

That works.

A good bootmaker could do wonders for tall boots with issues like what you are showing. They could shape the boots on the side to help reduce the ripple effect. I think this is one of the easier things to fix, as opposed to other problems like boots that are too short or too tall.

Where are you located? I know a couple of people and could give you some referrals via PM.

I live in Mesa, AZ but go to school in Missouri. Either location would work. Thanks!

Mine do that too, and I figured I was just SOL! What do they do to fix it, and how can it be prevented?

My Tredsteps do that too. However, when I am sitting on a horse they look great so I haven’t really worried about it.

These are entry-level boots on the Ariat scale and they do not have the custom fit or feel that you get further up the ladder. I’d keep them since they are paid for, comfortable and you already have them broken in. Honestly, your boots need to look good from about 10 feet away and as long as they are clean no one is going to mark you down on account of a little ripple along the zipper line of your boots. As far as the ankle thing goes, I like this: Get Lexol conditioner. Soak the ankle are on the INSIDE of the boot with it. Put the boots on with socks and walk around; keep them on in the house, walk the dog, go to work, whatever. Just take them off now and again and re-soak the inside of the ankle area with the Lexol and then put them back on. The Lexol will really soften up the ankle area. If all else fails, since the Heritage have a lot of bagginess in the ankle anyhow, you probably have room to cut the feet off of a pair of comfy socks and just wear the rest of the socks around your ankles inside the boots, as a cushion to that part of it.

They don’t look bad from the pictures–just too big, but it would probably be un noticeable from a judges perspective. If they don’t bother you from being loose or rubbing the ankle, I’d keep them. If you are looking for new boots what about a company like De Niro where you can get semi-custom off the rack???