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Thoughts on soundness of this mare

I’m looking at this Arabian or possible Arabian cross mare for sale. She is supposed to be around 7 years old. It’s her 3 time being ridden again after having a baby. I’m looking for a trail horse and possible do lower level endurance rides. Like we would start with 20km… Maybe 40km one day. I live in Costa Rica so it’s just the local endurance races here… Nothing like Tevis or anything. Also some flat arena work in the small round pen I have. Yes she is tense, stressed and needs a lot of work. Horses are treated very differently here, not handled as I am used to. Most are hard to catch and very shy about being touched. She doesn’t even have a name, which is also pretty common. She wouldn’t take any treats from me. Anyway this is not my tack as the girth I have wasn’t close to fitting with my saddle. This is all the owners tack. Yes I am too big for the saddle and stirrups are short. Does she look even remotely sound? Id rather not waste time/money/my feelings getting a vet out to check her if she doesn’t even look sound to begin with. Thanks.


I think she looks sound and willing. Maybe fun too.

PS my dogs are nuts over the whistling!



Lots of birds here. I don’t think you ever have a quiet moment from the bugs to the birds. Funny I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned whistling… I was like what whistling? :laughing:

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She looks like she might have low pasterns/DSLD in the back. Do you have still photos of her standing taken from the side?


I don’t but I can ask the owner.

I have this short video but it probably doesn’t show much.

She looks young and unfit, no surprise there, given her history. There’s something about the hind end action that I don’t love, but that could be just a result of being unfit and not quite clear on what her job is.

She looks very kind, though, and there’s no unwillingness to go forward, so I think she’s worth vetting!


That tail carriage looks a little weird to me, which could be tell-tale of some discomfort. I can’t pin it down though.

She is also EXTREMELY wary of the fella picking her foot up. I’d want to see this one in person before I made any decision, for sure.

Edit, sorry misread your OP. If you think you can correct her fear, I think she’s worth vetting.


She definitely needs a lot more handling. Oddly though she was totally fine with me touching her ears and seemed to like it. It’s hard to get her to pick her feet up. I have an older QH who is very tame, that she will be kept with so hopefully he will help her be more confident around people.


Im far from an expert on this stuff but between 20-30 secs in on the first video, something looks NQR to me. She’s not exactly head bobbing…but seems to go through that type of movement on and off throughout. Hard to tell if its conditioning/footing/combo or what.

She’s awfully cute though and I bet would thrive with a more caring approach!


When she’s heading almost straight towards the camera at about 40 sec she almost looks like she’s doing the “rope walk” thing at the trot. Hard to tell as the angle is off a little and it could be just her finding her balance or me seeing things. I think she’s cute and she’s trying very hard to please, I’d have her vetted if you like her.


I see an unfit green broke Arabian who is periodically fussing with the bridle but being a good sport. She is base narrow in front and varying her speed a bit over rough patches. She isn’t tracking up behind because she’s going slow (for her) and that plus tail are typical Arab things. I don’t see low pasterns in the second video.

I think she looks sound enough for what she is and where she’s coming from with no guarantee that she will hold up to more focused training. On the other hand, horses do good going in straight lines and most career ending injuries I see are in arena horses on endless circles.


She looks sound but green as grass in your video.

Cute Arabian. Typical tail carriage and movement.


My uneducated opinion but I see a horse who despite minor handling and not much recent riding being very willing to do what you were asking. I didn’t like her front legs( when coming towards the camera) but I also see a thin, out of shape horse being asked to trot on uneven, rocky ground and to me it looks like she needs a competent farrier.

I would vet her. Her willingness alone and no obvious lameness would be enough for me to proceed.


You are ALL forgetting the obvious that should have been the first thing to point to this potential buyer: She’s ADORABLE! --And I’m not usually into arabians!


Her back fetlocks might be a bit puffy. I would probably pass just because after having one horse with DSLD, I would not want another. If you are really interested get her vet checked and make sure to take a feel of her fetlocks.

She does ropewalk in the front but I don’t think that will cause issues down the line (maybe arthritis when she is old and uneven foot wear so make sure she gets trimmed correctly.) She does seem sweet and willing.


This is her trotting on the street. I asked for a video of her trotting, meant hand trotting but I guess he didn’t understand and rode her. I don’t know if you’re able to see anything else by this.


To me she looked sounder trotting down the road than she did where you were riding her, likely just based on the level footing. Loved that she didn’t spook at the motorbike either. I’d get those hind fetlocks looked at, that’s about my only concern from what I’ve seen, and that might be a bad trim and shoeing.

Good luck!


One thing about the horses here in Costa Rica, the horses are exposed to everything. Motorcycles, buses, cows, all kinds of livestock, loose dogs everywhere that run out barking, etc.


I’d agree about the trot looking better in this video, probably because of the level ground. I also love that she doesn’t (apparently) blink with the motorbike going by.

Nice horse and very cute!


I agree with the others, she looks much more sound trotting on the road!

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