Thoughts on ThinLine Reins

Hello Everyone! I’m sort of new to the COTH forum, been a viewer for the while but haven’t posted too much.

My reins are starting to wear out on my bridle, and I’m looking into getting another pair. When searching to find a pair that matched my bridle, I came across the ThinLine Reins. It looks their brown reins might match my bridle nicely.

What do you guys think of them? They seem a little expensive, are they worth the cost? Are the benefits advertised true (“No Slip, Durable, etc”) or is it just a marketing scheme to get you to purchase them?

I LOVE mine! I am an eventer and use them for both stadium and xc. The color is great and matches both bridles I use them on, plus mine are the extra long ones so that I have enough rein to slip on drops for xc. I’ve had several people comment on how much they love my reins after using them - in fact I had one BNT rave about them after riding my horse in a clinic demo.

They are great for non-slip and I have had no issue with the durability. I have been using them for about 2.5-3 years and just clean the leather portions with a good cleaner/conditioner and wipe down the main thinline part with a damp rag after each ride - they still look like new. Anyway, definitely a recommendation from me. :slight_smile:

I love mine too! I have had them for 2-3 years now, and they still look new. I am not obsessive about tack care, but I can see these lasting me a long time. I have found that they are very slip resistant even when wet. However, one pair of gloves that I had were very slippery with them. They were SSG gloves with very strange synthetic material on the palm. I have used many other pairs of gloves with them ranging from cloth, to synthetics, to leather and never had another problem with slippage. The best part about these reins though, is they are so comfortable even without gloves!

Love them!

Had a black pair on my horse’s dressage bridle and really liked the feel of them. Unfortunately I found that after about a year the Thinline cushy part started to crack all the way up the reins on both sides along the unfinished edge. Not from being dry (they aren’t leather) but just because the material isn’t all that durable. It left them looking pretty ratty so I bought new reins.

I’ve had Thinline reins on both bridles for ~18months and have been very happy with them. Supple and non-bulky, soft enough to be comfy bare-handed, sticky enough when combined with Neumann’s gloves for a sure grip running XC on a sweaty horse or in a heavy rein, and durable, yes. I am…let’s just say “casual” in the taking-care-of-my-tack department and these are holding up well. Two thumbs up.

I have a friend who swears by them, and has them on all her bridles. Me? I’m kind of ‘meh’. They aren’t bad, though I wouldn’t show in them (I do hunters) but I can see how they’d be appealing on a schooling bridle. I think my issue with them is that I have very small hands and the reins just feel too bulky and thick for me. I do like the thinner web/rubber types out there for schooling and I think the reason I’ve not coverted to TL is the bulk.

I found them a bit bulky and purchased the Nunn Finer rubber reins instead, which I am very pleased with.

I have replaced the “regular” reins that came with my dressage bridles with Thinline reins. They are so much more comfortable! And the ones I have been getting daily use for over a year now and still look new. I love them.

Thanks Everyone for the reviews. I’m feeling a little more confident purchasing a pair. Sounds like the majority of everyone has had good experiences riding with them. I think I may invest in these braided hunter ThinLine reins:!/~/product/category=5515832&id=26231553

I love mine, too. I currently have three pairs - one for each horse’s most-used bridle, and one black pair for the dressage bridle (which I guess is technically the gelding’s bridle). I have small hands, but I still find them to be quite comfortable.

I did find this to be the case with my oldest pair - I think probably about 18 months out, they started to crack on the unfinished edge and overall the ThinLine material got a bit stiff. I wipe them down with a damp rag after each use. I have not noticed this with my newer pairs. Overall, still love them and looking for an excuse to buy the hunter laced version.

How do you guys find them for hand pain? Regular rubber reins help my hands some (my left hand is pinned and plated together) because the bulk lets me get a better grip, but knowing how much my thinline helps my back, wondered if the reins would be more comfortable than regular rubber reins :slight_smile:

Bumping this up to ask if anyone has tried the laced reins. Someone broke my beautifully soft Courbette reins on my circa mid-80s schooling bridle yesterday, and since I can’t find Courbette reins (or any bridle parts, really) to save my life, and the bridle is very very dark brown, I am thinking of going with the Thinline as replacements because I like their regular ones a lot.

But, it looks like only Dover carries the laced version? Were they a flop?

Nope. Don’t like them. Bought a pair about hearing how great they are, particularly for us who prefer smaller reins and good grip. They weren’t too bad at first, but I had a lesson in the rain awhile back and my horse was sweaty, and they felt greased. And now that it’s cold, they have turned stuff, unwieldy, and slick. I’m going back to regular rubber.

yb, don’t go back to old fashioned rubber reins, try the new biothane version. Sooooo much more comfortable! (and they don’t melt)®-bio-grip-reins/p/X1-03025/

I love love love Thinline reins. I have them on two bridles and really like them. They are not nearly as slick as my Nunn Finer soft grip reins, which I like for thinness, but I have switched allegiances because I have to wear gloves with the Soft Grips, they are so slick. I don’t find thinline reins slippery at all.

I have not tried the laced ones, though. Not sure how that would work.

I’ve been eyeing those, DMK, because after several years of being a Thinline rein advocate, I find that they are wearing poorly and it is true that in the cold they become really stiff and hard to use.
But has anyone bought from these folks? much better price than dover!

son of a… (I hate it when I pay more than I have to!)

although those are only in black so if that matters,…

no, i’m an eventer, all my tack is black. I WANT black :smiley:

As usual I agree with DMK. I have both the Thinline reins and the biothane ones (I got mine from Five Star to match my bridles) and although I loved the Thinlines when I was breaking my baby horse I really don’t use them anymore.

Like others I found that the Thinline part started wearing and cracking after a while, but my biothane and leather reins look new. Well, they would look new if I wasn’t so lazy and cleaned them more often.

I’ve never had trouble with the biothanes getting slippery from sweat, although they are definitely very thin if you are used to regular rubber reins. The Thinlines are great for not slipping. But, my older horse events in the biothane reins with a friend- she loves them and didn’t want me to switch them out for the Thinlines.