Thoughts on this TB pedigree

We purchased this lovely filly (2020 model) off the track a couple months ago and she’s just been hanging out since then in the paddock eating and growing. She’s a nice mover and has a fantastic temperament, so we think she’ll be a nice hunter or jumper prospect in another year or two. Does anyone have any thoughts on her conformation or pedigree for potentially breeding in the future?


She looks really growthy. I think if you give her a few months of time off and good groceries, you will have a different filly. Not that she’s bad or anything now, she just has that baby look about her. I honestly would have assumed she was 2, not 3.

Pedigree-wise, I think she could trend hot and sensitive… but that’s a bit of a crap shoot. In Excess was very “thoroughbredy.” Always Dreaming was tough as an individual; don’t know if he passed that on.

But, these are a lot of really nice moving, athletic horses.


Thank you for the info! At the time the photo I posted was taken, she was only 2 and was still at the track, so you were right. So far, she seems very quiet for a young TB. She walked off the trailer from the track like a seasoned pro, and has adjusted well so far to her new life. I can’t wait to see what she looks like in another year.


We can’t either. Please post again with an update. She’s really cute, and I like her breeding, too.