Three Winds Farm (upstate NY)

Does anybody here know someone or has boarded at Three Winds Farm in upstate NY? If so would you be able to tell me their fees and if they are good? I have a project horses that I would like to move to more of a show barn to get more miles and show experience on her before I sell…


they are in my area, and have never heard anything negative about them, but have no idea about pricing. why not just call them for that info? or, if you’re close enough, visit?

I rode there for years and only left because the horse I was leasing (who was boarded there) left. If they were closer to my home or work, I’d be there still. Great facility, footing and training. Lots of turnout.

I can’t speak to current rates but recommend them highly. They are active on FB and info can be found by contacting Bill Worthington via FB.