Thumb fusion

Hi all.

Anyone here riding with a cmc or cmc/mcp fusion? It’s looking like it’s in my future but I’m worried about riding with so little range of motion.

If you had it, are you able to ride and what discipline do you do?

The bases of both of my thumbs are fused. I finally had them injected because of the pain. I couldn’t take the time off for surgery so after 3 years and several joint injections they fused on their own. I have no pain. It hasn’t affected my riding either. I just need to use both hands to grip something wide like a glass tumbler due to less range of motion. Otherwise it hasn’t affected me.

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One of my thumbs is almost completely fused from arthritis. I drive my minis OK. It’s my hand I hold the whip with so it can be a bit awkward but I’m adjusting. My index finger has also lost some mobility and that adds to the problem, I think if it was just the thumb itself I’d be fine.