Tidycat litter problem

Has anyone else notice a decrease in the “clumping” ability of this litter?

I use it exclusively since having cats react to generic brands.
For the 1st 5yrs I had them, these 2 cats had no litter box issues & I bought whatever was cheapest.
Same for dry or canned foods.
Then we had Pee-mageddon :scream_cat:
Use of the box ceased & both were using spots outside of it… Including next to my head on the pillow :scream:
Vet diagnosed stress-related in the one cat I brought in. Urine tested negative for any bacteria, bladder was distended.
I switched to the last brand of litter I had used before the problem - Tidycat - & that resolved the litter box problem.

Both are now on Iams Urinary dry & minimal amounts (1 tsp once daily) of whatever canned food I can get them to eat :unamused:
All textures & flavors go out of favor sometimes before a can is finished :roll_eyes:
So I buy one 3oz can at a time, switching from pieces to pate, poultry to beef, ad nauseum :expressionless:

Back to my question:
A Catlady friend - who treats both the
barncats she cares for (not her barn) & her indoor cats at home like Visiting Royalty:
AC for the barncats?
Heated tackroom for same?
Insists barmcats spend the night in said tackroom :unamused:
Specific litter & Fancy Feast for all…
You get the picture?

She maintains the large plastic tote I got to replace a too-small standard litter box is at fault.
I say: Plastic is plastic.

Tote worked fine w/Tidycat for about a year, feces dessicate as expected.
But urine, while still absorbed, has a LOT less clumping happening.

What sayeth COTH Cat Hivebrain?

How old is the litter? I use Tidycat, after repeated use I think all the clumping agent gets used up unless you add more fresh litter. The other thing that I’ve noticed is if litter is allowed to sit too long (I have three small children, sometimes I don’t get to it) such that the clumps dry up and crumble, after awhile the remaining litter will have less clumping power.
I’ve become more diligent about scooping, and the litter is once again working as expected.
Also, my litterbox is a modified Rubbermaid, too.

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I can recommend Sustainably Yours as the best clumping litter I’ve ever used (or rather, my cats). Bonus is it never sticks to the pan.

I scoop the box daily.
The litter gets refreshed probably once a week.
Same routine I’ve used for years & Tidycat produced nice, tight, scoopable peeballs until recently.
I just got a new jug of litter, but it replaces the 2nd one that has failed me in the clumping Dept.

@Brown_Derby I am Sticking with Tidycat to avoid another Outside The Box Stressor :roll_eyes:

I’ve never been a fan of Tidycat - always stinks to high heaven and never clumped tight enough for me. I’m happy paying the extra $ for Fresh Step and have been a devotee for years.

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Have you dumped the box & tried all fresh litter?

If this persists, I’d maybe consider if the cats are just peeing a lot more? Cats in early kidney disease sometimes can’t concentrate their urine, so they wind up flooding the box. More pee might overwhelm the clumping capability?


I noticed that Tidy Cats lost a lot of its clumping ability back about the time Purina took it over. I quit using it then.
Now I use Arm & Hammer, which I love. The best IMO is their Slide litter, which clumps neatly and does not cement itself to the scoop or the box.
And yes, older kitties with older kidneys tend to pee more.

@BatCoach I’m staying w/Tidycat to avoid a recurrence of whatever stressed the cats.

@Simkie Cats are 6yo & otherwise healthy.
I have done a complete dump & refill w/o it making a difference :roll_eyes:

@Rackonteur Glad you noticed the same issue w/Tidycat.
But, for now I’ll stay Brand Loyal & just scoop more :unamused:

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