Tie rings in horse trailer to secure bales of hay and shavings

Do the screws you use to attach the rings go through the trailer wall and protrude on the outside? That’s the fear I have of having the screw go through the wall.

My 4-horse slant stock trailer usually hauls cart, carriage, ATV & pony. I cut into the floor mats so that these trap-door rings are flush to the floor when not in use:

When hauling just horses. the rings disappear into the shavings and don’t create any edges.

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I used the d rings endlessclimb used. My trailer was a custom build and for 90 days I used it and figured out what I forgot with a plan to take it in and add those things. Ones of them was d rings. In the interim I used baling twine to attach whatever thing needed securing, which gave me a handy guide to wherever I needed d rings! And then a year later I added a few more. For what it’s worth d rings by chest and butt bars seem to be extra useful, but full disclosure, the offside stall is for my scooter and a bunch of other stuff.

Not if you screw them into the ‘studs’ in the trailer wall. You should be able to tell where that is by checking where the rubber mats are already attached to the wall. Post a picture if you need help. Mine are exposed on the top half (stock trailer) so it’s easy.

Alternately you can go all the way through with a bolt instead of a screw and put a washer and nut on the outside if you need a really strong attachment point. We did that in my old trailer when we used it to move a really heavy tool box. Stainless hardware isn’t really noticeable.

Yep, I know where the studs are, mine are also exposed on the upper half. Makes sense.