Tie rings in horse trailer to secure bales of hay and shavings

I have a two horse trailer straight load but only haul one horse 85% of the time. I know some people just chuck hay and baled shavings into the other side without worrying about it sliding into the horse, but I am paranoid about things sliding and getting underfoot (my divider does not go all the way down). I’d like to install some tie-rings in the second horse area to be able to secure hay and shavings for longer weekend trips - I’m thinking something like this: https://smile.amazon.com/Flush-Mount-Tiedowns-D-Ring-2-hole/dp/B003Y3066S?sa-no-redirect=1

Has anyone done this before? Is there any way this can go wrong? When hauling two horses, all horses would be wearing shipping boots, so I don’t think they could hurt themselves on the rings, right? What am I missing?


We are talking horses here. Of course something can go wrong. They work hard to make things go wrong.

I have a very similar tie ring several places in my trailer for the very same reason. Though none of mine are actually in the horse stall area. I located them in the head area and all the way in the back (so right where the butt bar is).


I have a TON of D rings screwed into my trailer walls to secure things, up to and including my dog when I’m out of the trailer area.

I would not use the ones you linked because they’re going to rattle like a SOB.

I used this type, but I added a piece of thin rubber so that it won’t rattle. Added bonus, the D stays up when you pull it up so no fumbling around when you’ve got a bungee pulled tight trying to get it hooked.


I can take pictures later if you’re interested.

Mine is a straight load with extra room in front, so I have tiedowns on the front wall. We installed L-track which accepts several different fasteners (and, if you mount the track horizontally, all kinds of hooks.)

To keep horses away from the straps (and because it’s a stock trailer with open slats at the top) I’m planning to get a tarp with that fits over the hay and attaches back to the rails. That will keep it clean and dry and make sure a horse on that side can’t paw and get a leg in the strap.

They also sell smaller sections, I have some 6" ones. The rails are flat but I don’t know that I’d use them in the horse area unless I came up with a way to cover them. Actually that might be possible by using stud connectors in the rail attached to a rubber bumper.

210410_8279 by Wendy, on Flickr

210410_8281 by Wendy, on Flickr

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if you are to attached these tie downs to the sidewall you might want to use Chicago screws (also called Binding Post screws by the big box things)… these are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum… using these should result in a near flush mounting without a nut or bolt protruding


We used this kind as well–to add a butt chain to my slant load.

Pretty easy to install and haven’t had any issues (yet).

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All good points. And I would love pictures if its not too much trouble. Thanks so much!

I’d been wanting to install tie downs in my trailer so this is very timely! Just ordered the ones endlessclimb and B-burg_Dressage recommended.

I had never heard of the L track stuff but after some researching, this is perfect! I can take the hooks out when not needed so I don’t have to worry about someone catching a shoe on it and you can adjust where the fittings go as needed - brilliant!

In my mind I was thinking I would secure the bales with vertical straps (i.e., a hook by the floor, then another one several feet up), not horizontal like in your pictures. I can see the advantage of your set up, of not having to drag bales over the straps in order to strap them in vertically.

Any L track tips or tricks, or favorite fittings you want to recommend?

Most of my pieces are from US Cargo Control. https://www.uscargocontrol.com/ (and they also sell through Amazon.). You can see in the photos that some of the loops are large and have two studs. Those are stronger than the others that only go into one of the holes.

The only thing I cannot find is end-caps for the style of track I have, but we’ll put a blob of silicone on it and then shape it. Horses can’t get to mine where it is up front but you may need to pad yours depending on where it is.

I considered mounting this horizontally for hooks but ended up going with the Gladiator track for that because it has a better selection of accessories. I am allergic to permanent infrastructure, I need to be able to re-arrange things.

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For several days now I have totally spaced on getting those pictures for you.

I now have set a calendar reminder to get them tonight. I’m sorry!

You can see the rubber piece I put between the D and the bracket. No rattling, and if you pull it up it stays there


I have them all over the place. They’re just in the skin though, so nothing heavy. Anything bigger would have to be into a frame piece.


Very clever! What a good idea, thanks for sharing. I love little details like this so will definitely be looking to do something similar.

These are great, thank you. And similar to what I was thinking in terms of setup. You have these in the horse stall or just in the nose?

I have them just in the +1 area because that’s where I store stuff (and clip my dog’s leash if she’s with me), but would feel 100% comfortable putting them in the horse area. They protrude <0.25"

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Awesome, thank you! Definitely gives me confidence about drilling in my trailer :slight_smile:

No problem! Sorry it took me so long, it’s been that kind of month. :joy:

You can try just grinding down the ends so they are not sharp but rounded and smooth.