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Time for a new saddle

For assorted reasons I’ve decided to buy a new saddle. My heart leans towards Passier or Custom. There is a Passier fitter about an hour away, and a Custom rep slightly closer. I put out a note to each.

I know next to nothing about saddle fitting. Any bullet points? I don’t like bucket seats with high cantles. I don’t like B.A. thigh blocks. I would prefer short billets but I fear those have gone the way of the rumble seat. My mare is 15.2, petite, with average TB withers.

I do not show. Merely toddle around around at Training Level.


long billets are on most dressage saddles these days.

If you don’t know a lot about saddle fit, I’d see if you can locate an independent fitter or one who fits multiple brands rather than tying yourself to one brand and the models that fitter is familiar with; you may end up unhappy.

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I think you mean one that needs a long girth - those have aged out of favor. Long billets = short dressage girth. That’s what all dressage saddles have these days.
I’m with Lazaret - find an independent fitter if you can and try a number of brands and styles to find what works for both you and your horse. I love Passiers too, but they don’t allow me to sit correctly. Custom works well for me, though.

You are correct. I want short billets. I fixed my post. The Passier fitter also does other brands. I’m outside Chicago and haven’t been able to locate an independent fitter. I’m open to recommendations.

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Bucket seat with high cantle and large thigh blocks describes most if not all Custom saddles.

If you have a TB and if she has a traditional TB back, I would explore Passier and used Stubbens. Those will align with your and her wants and needs much better.


Black Country?

My trainer has a Black Country and it is too heavy! My friend’s Custom is deep seated but doesn’t have large thigh blocks. The Passier fitter is coming Saturday. I’m so excited. I’ve never had a new saddle….

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Take a look at the Stubben Genesis Special- open seat, no giant thigh blocks, short billets


Check out the EQ saddles. I am doing a trial now and am very impressed

If you’re only going to toddle round at training level why not go for a GP VSD saddle? The style would seem to fit most of your criteria and the rules are for an “English type” which covers dressage, showing, & GP VSD, all of which are suitable enough, although I’d personally draw the line at GP Jump / Jump.