Tiny flecks of dried blood on outside of front left leg...ALWAYS!

If they hadn’t been there for so long and kept coming back, I’d chalk it up to bugs, but this is just strange. While grooming during the winter, I noticed a few hard, TINY flecks of black things on my horse’s front left leg. There weren’t many, so I figured it was where a stubborn bug bit him or where he’d managed to find something to get himself into. Now, several months later, they’re still there and increasing. It looks quite a bit like flea dirt and comes off with a curry comb. Sure enough, it’s back the neck day. Only that one leg, though. He’s been a bit off on that leg recently as well, so I’m starting to wonder if it’s related.


My horse gets some sort of skin scurf that sounds like what you describe. A picture would be helpful.

My donkey gets something similar, but it really is blood from bug bites. He doesn’t get it in the winter.

For the bug bites, I rinse and scrub his leg with Listerine every day, then fly spray.

I’ll be darned, it WAS bugs. I got some fly bands for his legs. Boom, no more bites. Weird that they’re only on the one leg though.