TIP Champs - Stableview / Aiken lower level XC Schooling

We are going to Stableview for the first time, for the TIP Champs. TIP champs is a CT ran on Friday (with hunter jumpers going on Saturday/Sunday).

Saturday I would like to take my guy XC schooling - looking for starter/BN/Novice jumps. Doesn’t look like stableview has lower level schooling available? So we are going to trailer out for the day. Suggestions?

Looking at Full gallop, sporting days (if possible?), or the vista. Any recommendations or suggestions?

Vistaa & Full Gallop are good choices as well as jumping branch as well as sandy hills. Would not recommend boring days.

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Stable View only has the lower level stuff available for schooling on the weekends that they have the Academy horse shows…

For Starter/BN/N stuff, there is Full Gallop, The Vista, Jumping Branch, Sandy Hills and maybe Dara Knot is open for schooling but I am not sure. All of those places have really good lower level stuff. Have fun!


I have schooled at Full Gallop and can recommend. Tons of interesting lower level stuff to school. Teeny tiny banks, tiny revetted and unvetted ditches, etc.

If I can only school 1, what is your recommendation? Looks like we need to plan to go back & spend a couple days just schooling.

Jumping Branch or The Vista. Jumping Branch has a schooling HT this Saturday so I imagine things may still be set and flagged on Sunday.

TIP champs is in October right? I would go to the Vista personally for your one stop shop :slight_smile:

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I would recommend Jumping Branch or Full Gallop for xc schooling. The Vista has a few small stuff, but its more derby style than xc course.

yep! October, just trying to figure our plans!

I agree JB or the Vista if you just had to pick one. If it helps, Vista is more compact and derby-style fields. My husband loves it because he can park in one place to watch me school. JB is more of a typical XC course. I go to both frequently and they are extremely well maintained, even in the “off” season.

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Sorry to hijack/not about xc schooling but about TIP Champs more generally - should I bring a bike? I don’t know the venue at all.

Yes, for sure. It’s pretty big. A bike makes it a lot more doable.

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