Tipperary vests

Has anyone switched from the Tipperary eventer to the pro? I’ve grown out of my eventer (Covid bod) and I’m shopping for a new vest, are they sized the same? Different?

I didn’t think we had much choice if you already had the old Tipperary as it is no longer safety qualified. I have the 3015 Eventer Pro, its a less looser fit (stiffer), but I don’t even notice it when its on.

I like it.

A vest of a certain approval is not required, only recommended.

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I don’t know that it was ever safety qualified, no?

Wondering why you would choose to wear one that isn’t approved? I get that some people would choose not to wear a vest, but if you HAVE to, surely a rated one would be a sensible choice.

Not being argumentative just genuinely curious.

Here’s my reason: When I tried eventing, I didn’t know if I was going to pursue it longterm. As you all know, saddles and kit for 3 phases is quite $$$. I bought a lightly used child L Tipp vest for <$100. I was told the rating diff between that one and the Tipp Eventer was the lack of foam side panels. The original Tipp doesn’t have foam under the expandable laces so it’s considered a possible puncture risk. My Tipp fit when snuggly laced, so there was no gap. I was riding Starter & Beg. Nov so didn’t feel I had much risk and saved myself about $200+. Now that I am continuing in this discipline and showing Novice+, I have invested in a top rated Champion vest. I had also heard that the USEA was going to mandate that vests meet a certain safety standard. I think that was around 2019? Of course that hasn’t happened, but between my vest and new MIPS helmet, I feel I’m as protected as I can be.


I think for quite some time, people didn’t realize they weren’t certified. I know that I didn’t until relatively recently (<5 years ago) when I was researching vests. I think there were probably also quite a few who knew they weren’t certified and didn’t care (I mean, we didn’t require “real” helmets until the late 80s - we haven’t always cared all that much about safety).

Of course, the equine world is also filled to the brim with people who just want to “look the part” so when they see Amy Tryon gallop past in a slick new vest, they’re going to go buy one themselves thinking “if it’s good enough for the pros, it’s good enough for me!”. Not so much anymore, but they used to be everywhere, and I’m sure that led many more people to think “surely this many people can’t all be wrong”. [Narrator: They were.]

I’m asking about fit comparison. Not a debate on vest choices. I commented because it is incorrect that an approved vest is mandatory.

When I purchased my original Tipperary I felt comfortable with the level of protection it gave me for the level I was competing.

I’d also much rather see someone wearing one at home or on the trail than nothing at all so I’m not going to hassle them.

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I believe my response had also mentioned the fit, you actually responded about safety.

Its a stiffer fit, as I stated above, compared to the old Tipperary vest. But again, once its on, I don’t notice it as I’m busy riding. If they weren’t approved in the past, I am uneducated and had no idea.

Not sure where you are located. But, in Canada see highlighted below, that is why my statement about safety was mentioned. We had to upgrade as it is now mandatory, whether it wasn’t before, I have no clue.

  1. Body Protector/Inflatable Vest
    2.1 A body protector vest is mandatory for the warm-up and the cross-country test.
    A body protector vest may also be worn for the warm up and during other tests.
    Body Protector vests must meet or exceed, and be appropriately labelled
    Page 14 2021 2022 Rules of Equestrian Canada Section D
    ASTM approved standard F1937-04 (2017), BETA Level 3 body protector
    standard or European standard EN 13158-2018.
    2.2 An inflatable vest may be worn:
    • Only when worn over an approved body protector vest during the warmup for and for the cross country test
    • As a standalone item of dress for the warm-ups for and during the
    dressage and jumping tests only if it has been approved for use without a
    body protector vest by the manufacturer. The inflatable vest must always
    be worn on the outside of other garments.
    2.3 Violation of this rule shall be penalized at the discretion of the Ground Jury,
    and may result in elimination.
    2.4 Competitors are strongly recommended to check their body protectors on a
    regular basis and to replace them if damaged.
    2.5 It is strongly advised that the body protector should impede neither flexibility
    nor balance.
    2.6 Stable, team or club colors are permitted

To comment on fit, I am 5’2 and the eventer pro was longer in the torso than my regular tipperary.

I like my Tipperary Pro just fine, but the zippers are garbage. I almost missed my ride time once due to a malfunction of the cheap zipper on a relatively new vest. If you decide to get the Tipperary, bring it to the dry cleaner and have them replace the zipper with a better quality one.