Tiz The Law retired

While he was prepping for the Pegasus.
He’s been retired based on Veterinarian advice

I wonder what he did that they retired him?

I really enjoyed watching him. Robin Smullen used to show hunter/jumper in my area, and she could really ride!

Looking forward to flashy babies by this boy!

That’s too bad. It seems like his connections were looking forward to him racing as a 4yr old.

Soft tissue injury? Hairline fracture?

Of course it does make you wonder why, when they don’t just say what is causing the vet to recommend he not be raced again.

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From the BH article referenced. No conjecture necessary. :slight_smile:

“Yesterday I got one of those calls I dread answering,” Knowlton said Wednesday. “It was a call from Barclay when I don’t expect him to call me. It was bad news. Fortunately, having a horsewoman like Robin on (Tiz the Law) every day and who knows him, she knew there was a problem. Because of that, we had him X-rayed and found an issue.”

Knowlton said X-rays revealed the bone bruising, and retirement was taken as a precaution for the safety of the classic winner.

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I didn’t see any of that when I read the article this afternoon. Either I’m nuts ( quite possible) or the article was updated without being designated as such. I wonder, because I’m not the only one that didn’t see the explanation. Also, in the article I read, his fee was not yet announced and there was only one photo of him.

Am I losing my mind @mommy_peanut? @ASB_Stars?

@Where_sMyWhite , did you read the Blood Horse article this afternoon or just before you posted?

Nope. I didn’t see that particular comment in there earlier.
Just reread the article.
The entire section about the phone call & bone bruising was added. It wasn’t there when I shared the article.

Thanks. I’d hate to think I remembered an article that didn’t exist.
The BloodHorse isn’t known for great reporting journalism, but marking an article as “updated” is standard procedure.

Apparently, when Robin galloped him Tuesday morning she sensed that something wasn’t right. They radiographed him,and a second vet confirmed that there was significant bruising at the bottom of one of his cannon bones.

Thank goodness her superb horsemanship stopped something tragic from happening. They had a breeze planned.


I didn’t notice an “Updated” either.

When I first read the announcement on BH, trotted on over here to see that MP had already posted the link so the first time I read the article the info on the bone bruise being detected and retired at vet advice (which I agree with, even if he could get back to racing sound… to me, not worth the public spectacle risk if something were to happen).

@skydy Didn’t realize the article had been posted and updated :slight_smile:

Nope- you are not losing your mind. The information that I posted I got from another site. Usually BH is all over this stuff, but I didn’t see it there last night.

Here’s a slightly different ‘spin’ or rather, viewpoint, on Tiz the Law’s retirement based on vet advice following diagnosis of bone bruising in a front cannon bone.


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[quote=“Where_sMyWhite, post:10, topic:754650”]Didn’t realize the article had been posted and updated :slight_smile:

How could you have known, when they didn’t mark it as “updated”? :grinning:

Perhaps they updated it quickly and thought no one would notice. I’m just glad my reading skills and memory haven’t deteriorated so alarmingly as it seemed.

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I’m glad they retired him before anything bad happened. But I’m also sad that they had to cancel his plans for next year. They did a great job of having him represent the New York contingent in a big way. There was even an ice cream flavor named in his honor at the chain of Stewart’s convenience stores all across New York. Lol.


That’s the piece that I read, although my version was shortened!

Bottom line is Bless Robin Smullens good instincts!

That’s sweet.

MHM, what was the ice cream flavor?

It was a chocolate base with other stuff mixed in. Maybe cheesecake bits? Something like that, anyway. And it was available at Stewart’s all over, not just the ones near Saratoga.

Here we go. I think it even stayed in the stores a bit longer when he kept going through the Breeders’ Cup. I did not realize they had done the same thing with Funny Cide back in the day for the same owners.

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Plus they had this posted in the stores. :slight_smile: