To Sell or Not to Sell My Saddle? WWYD?

Hi All,

I hope this isn’t considered advertising as that’s not the purpose of this post.

I recently quit my job, which was a long overdue move due to poor management, etc., but I don’t have anything lined up. Luckily, my horse is leased out and I’m set there for now, but it’s difficult to put a timeline on the job search. I could have something next week or it could be two months. I’m prepared for this.

However, I don’t have as much as I’d like for that “emergency” fund and I unfortunately feel that I should turn to assets I can liquidize, ie. my tack room.

I have a 2005 BZ Natural Saddle, that based on a quick search, looks like I can get between $800-$1000. It’s in good shape and I love the saddle though I know it’s not the most “in style”, but it would definitely help me in the case something happens. However, if I’m to get my horse back, I won’t have a saddle at all! What I’m asking is what your thoughts are as this isn’t a huge amount of money… mainly something to tide me over in an emergency and may not even be used. I’m also concerned for the future, wondering if I could find something with at least as much quality for the same price when I get my horse back. I’m also ogling over the French saddles but that would be far far out of my budget in the future if I were to go for a new saddle. I love the old Bevals but I don’t think their quality is where I would feel comfortable buying one again.

So, to sell or not to sell? That is the question. What would you do in my situation?

Appreciate any input you may have!

DON’T SELL. Unless you sell your horse and take a job at the North Pole, keep it. Heck, even if you do sell your horse and move, that saddle might fit your reindeer.

Keep it! :slight_smile:

if you like the saddle and/or there’s a decent chance you’d get your leased horse back, I’d hang on the saddle.

For example, if the lease ends, and you get horsey back, how will you keep him in work enough to get re-leased/sold without a saddle? and at that point you’d already have added expenses dealing with his board, so not a time to be shopping for a saddle.

800/1000 isnt that much money. To add to your emergency fund, can you take up babysitting or a part time seasonal job for a few months?

If at some point you find the perfect deal on a used French saddle, you could but that and sell your BZ natural. Or if you sell your horse you could advertise the saddle. But I wouldn’t want to be saddleless unless I was 100% horseless.

Another piping in here to keep it. When that new job comes rolling in you might pick up riding again and it’d be a lot more to replace that saddle that you’d get out of selling it. Shoot drive for Uber/Uber Delivery or take up a part-time job during the interim of your job search… that’ll boost your emergency fund more than your saddle.

Good luck with the job hunt!

Keep it! I sold my saddle that I had intended to replace, until life happened… Well, ehorse came back from his lease early. I’m now trying to find something that is in my budget and will fit him for now until I decide if I am going to try and lease/sell him again. Wishing I hadn’t sold the one I had. Like the saying goes, two in the hand one in the bush. Or something like that

I really appreciate the different perspective! I think I’ll hang onto it for now. I thought it would be a good idea for extra cash to have on hand, but you’re right – if I do end up with my horse back, I’m going to be shelling out money for board and won’t be wanting to spend $1k-$2k on a new saddle at that point.

Thanks, all!

I’ve been there! Quit my job a year and a half ago to go pro- sold the horse and the Beval saddle that fit it- traveled the country and had a fleet of CWD’s at my disposal so never replaced it. Realized I didn’t feel the need to travel like a gypsy indefinitely and found myself a way better grown up job as a brand rep that leaves me plenty of flexibility in my schedule for riding. But the money came and went and I never replaced the saddle. I still don’t own a horse but ride for a great local pro. Really could use my own saddle for when she is riding in her own CWD or there’s nothing free… but not in the budget.

Anyway… everyone loves a nice Beval Natural. They are still quite in demand and have a cult following. You can’t get them anymore so I wouldn’t sell it unless you REALLY need the money or it doesn’t fit a new horse. It’s not a saddle you can just replace they take some hunting to come by.