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Toes out - lands lateral

Recently acquired 6 year old cutting reject that is toed out in the FR. From a stand still it does not look terrible, but when moving he lands on the lateral aspect pretty dramatically then flattens. So far no lameness issues.

He is very broke and quite impressive otherwise. Would love to know opinions as far as soundness for a horse that toes out and doesn’t land flat.

Had one who had crooked front leg/foot but was rehabbing hoof problems, my lameness specialist/vet seemed mostly concerned w/ landing flat. He didn’t care as much that he was paddling or standing crooked but that the landing was reasonably flat. Be prepared for future injuries as these problems are always there waiting to rear their ugly heads/ You need a really good leg man/vet advise on trimming/shoeing and a great farrier to carry it out and maintain it.

I would think that landing one sided would create an opportunity for side bone/ring bone in that foot.

A flat landing allows the foot structure to work as it is supposed to for shock absorption.

A great vet and farrier can help to get the heel first/level landing to help keep your horse sound for the long term.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It’s important that your farrier work with the wonky conformation instead of trying to force the hoof into the “ideal” because the the leg is not straight. The hoof needs to reflect the conformation of what is above it rather than conform to perfection. That will keep your horse healthiest in the long run.

I had one horse with a pastern fx and a screw in it who really toed in on that leg. Showed him in the 3’ hunters for years without a problem. But had to keep on top of his feet - can’t let them go too long between trims. My current mare has a clubby right front foot and grows a lot of toe, and although it’s tempting to whack the toe off, it actually balances the straightness at the heel. She REALLY lands on the outside of that foot.

Your horse can lead a long, useful life as long as you are aware of the risk factors presented by the conformation. Unless you are competing at a high level and have your horse in consistent hard work, I don’t see any reason why he won’t hold up for a long time.

My gelding is pigeon toed and developed lateral cracks in his front feet. He is now in a straight bar shoe, French rolled with a rocker toe which allows him to break over easily. He is an eventer and has never been lame. Every 4 week resets a must.

Thank you all for the responses, this horse would be for my younger cousin who high school rodeos (so mainly poles and barrels). I am very worried about her leg/hoof holding up. The farrier work, although just done before he came, didn’t look like great work. Very stood up and tight. She seems just minimally turned out, so could the lateral landing be from incorrect farrier work? Or do toed out always land laterally? Is this one I should say no way for hs rodeo?

Hoof experts? Anyone else?

Can you post photos of legs and hooves- all angles and sole shots also.

NOT an expert but doesn’t toed out but lands on lateral foot seem wonky? They should land on medial hoof. My pigeon toed boy lands on lateral foot.