Tokyo Shortlist

There is a thread similar to this in the Eventing section but I thought I would make one here as well. The Tokyo dressage shortlist is out!!

What do we think? I was surprised to see so few people I know on the list, with a few major players like Steffan and Adrienne Lyle. I’ll admit I also don’t know much about Charlotte Jorst outside of her sunshirts (which I do own a few…). I have also really enjoyed watching Ben Ebeling ride with RD and would not be upset if he got to go. Thoughts?

One of the horses is owned by a friend, so I am thrilled!

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It’s very long for a shortlist :smiley: That said, obviously Adrienne and Steffen are shoe ins for the squad, with the second of Adrienne’s going as a travelling reserve. I think the last spot and reserve will be some combination of Katherine Bateson-Chandler, Olivia Lagoy-Weltz, and Sabine Schut-Kerry. I think it’s possible they could name an up-and-comer like Ben Ebeling or Jennifer Schrader-Williams, but unlikely as there’s no drop score anymore. We’ll see how the observation event goes!

That was my thought as well! There is nothing very surprising here - basically everyone you would have expected is on the list, plus a few more. I’m not sure if they’ve pre-vetted any of the horses, or if they are planning to do it at/after the June event. That alone may make a few change, especially considering the length of the trip to Tokyo and the lack of drop score.

Another factor to consider is also the expected weather in Tokyo, aka hot and humid. I’ll be curious to see how the horses handle the Florida weather and if that makes an impact.

I was really surprised by some and not others.

Adrian and steffen seemed like very logical choices. Susan, Katherine, and Charlotte also were names that I recognized. I was absolutely thrilled to see Alice on the list. I’ve been following her trajectory since Elfenfeuer and she has a truly impressive string of horses she is developing.


I’m rooting for Charlotte for the third slot. She is a fabulous rider and Nintendo is a fabulous horse. She is also a true amateur.

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So is Alice Tarjan. Weird comment?

Of the two amateurs, I happen to know Charlotte Jorst, but not Alice Trajan.

I’m not clear on what aspect of my comment you found (possibly?) weird.

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It always is.


True, I forget.

Not sure why the “true amateur” slight was required.

My referring to Charlotte Jorst as a “true amateur”
was not a slight toward Charlotte Jorst, but the opposite. I know her personally, admire her, and am rooting for her to make the team.


Does anyone know the rule for spectators at the Selection trials? Any idea if tickets are required?

I love seeing so many West Coasters on the list!


Me too! Rooting for hometown girl, Jenn Schrader-Williams!


Yes, tickets are required. But it is such an awesome experience to watch the selection trials that I would do it again in a heartbeat if they ever held them on the west coast like they did in 2008.


A long day today for the west coast horses. They shipped to Miami early this morning, with a long layover in Memphis. After Miami, it’s the drive up to Wellington.

The top horses will go on to Europe after Wellington, and wait there to transfer to Tokyo in July.
Wishing safe travels to all…


Steffen and his now sponsor will likely be chosen. He’s good at preserving himself. Adrian will also be a logical choice. I’m rooting for Sabine Shut-Kerry. Her horse is owned by my former vet and I was not particularly pleased with him at all, but Sabine was kind-hearted and has worked her butt off to make a career in dressage.


Also rooting for Sanceo!!

Adrienne and which of the two horses? Any chance it could be both?