Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Hot Damn it's coming tonight!

Just in case you haven’t heard,
"All Creatures Great and Small " starts tonight on PBS
Check your local listings for the time.
Happy Viewing!


It’s a Major Award!

(At least, after 2020, it’s going to feel like it!) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder! I just set my DVR to record the series.

I thought it was pretty good! We will be watching again next week

I found it too. Recording it for later viewing. What a treat!!! Actual quality programming on TV. So rare.

How is the leg lamp?

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Loved it & will be sad when the 7th & final episode airs :cry:

I watched it…very well done. I am just so over TV that is reality, over-the-top, violence, etc.
It was very pleasing as is bringing back my recollection of the book which I haven’t read (but still possess) for many years.


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Loved it!

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beautiful, amazing photography. Mrs Hall is an interesting character, here.

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I loved it. I enjoyed the series when I was a kid so happy to see it come back out…


I didn’t realize it was a remake, I thought it was going to be the original. So I was mildly disappointed, which was too bad because it was as well done as it could be. It’s really hard to accept different individuals in such well known and classic roles. But in a vacuum of quality TV and with few other options (limited internet service), we will continue to watch it.


I was a little set back that they would attempt to remake this show, however what I saw in the first episode is excellent. A careful and thoughtful re-visit to the characters and how they relate. Mrs Hall is more a mystery. I like James much more in this series, the first series James was not entirely a likable character. Siegfried is more subtle but still High Maintenance… You know that Helen really does farm work, I never believed that in the original series.

Visually it is more stunning, more visual, more using the true landscape. I like seeing younger actors playing the roles of some of the different farmers. I thought overall the farmers in the original series were consistently older except for a few particular episodes

Im sold

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