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Too tall for a jumping prospect?

I’ve been riding a horse for a while now, and the original plan was for me to break him to be a lesson horse, but now it’s looking like he could be something I would ride long term (and maybe forever?). If I were to ever get a horse, I wanted it to be over 15hh… and I’m pretty sure this guy is sitting at the pony line, about 14.2 - 14.3 or maybe 15hh if he stands on a hill. I’m 5’8", and 118 lbs. I know I’m not too big for him, but am I too big for him if he were to be a little jumper? He’s so honest and willing I could see him excel in just about any discipline, but jumping is definitely a favourite of mine.

This is me riding on the flat (sorry for quality)
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Jumpers or Hunters? No i don’t think you are too big on him. I weigh more than that and i ride a 14 hand pony. If you are well balanced and don’t bounce, he should do just fine with jumping in moderation. Remember most horses will get arthritis at some point. Be reasonable in your expectations. I remember one instructor told me that, if you can jump 2 feet, you can jump 3 feet. So keep your practice jumps low and your sessions short. Preserve your horse’s soundness.

It wouldn’t hurt to snap some x rays and check for undetectable issues before you begin jumping. That way you have records to compare to, should you need joint injections done in the future. I always recommend x rays before jumping, just in case some old injury or arthritis is undetected.

Definitely hunter. Hes so naturally athletic, but isnt particularly fast lol. Because he’s so willing I feel like I should take advantage of it and be super technical like I’ve always wanted. I thankfully know his past, he lived a happy life as someone’s lawn gnome until he was bought at 6. I’ve already had a ringbone problem with my mare, and will now and forever spend the extra $$$ for an xray.

I think your upper body is a bit big on him, but if you’re just riding for fun I think you’re fine! He isn’t too small for you, but hunter judges may think so.

It all depends what you’re going to show in. Check out the requirements for whatever shows you may be doing for pony rider ages. Up here, we cannot have an adult ride a pony in a pony show.