Tool for evening arena DEPTH

Any one have a good tool recommendations for evening the DEPTH of arena footing? Mine tends to migrate & I need to pull it back every so often. It is a HUGE pain w/ just the tractor bucket & box blade. I get it moved, but it still isn’t necessary even.
Need something I can use to get the depth uniform throughout the arena.

And I do not have the resources to rip it up & do it over again right. It was here when we bought the place & I am trying to improve it as much as possible.

The old TR3 rake with a profiler we use does that, levels the base and the top.

ABI also has other, smaller ones that do similar work, like this one:

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I have a Drag-N-Fly that recommended by a guy who maintains arenas at shows. It says it doesn’t require a 3-point hitch but I it on the hitch. Depth is adjustable and it works great not only for every day grooming but can renovate compacted footing. The eurofelt had disappeared from my indoor and I put in some rubber. Still I thought I needed some more sand. Then I got some advice: try this! My Eurofelt was buried under compacted sand and clay and this thing It raked up the eurofelt and now, thanks to the Drag-N-Fly, without any more sand it’s perfect. Love it.

Ad says, “The DragNfly renovates and conditions conventional and synthetic footings on horse riding arenas and tracks. Since this groomer handles all types of footings there is no need to buy multiple groomers when you change the footing surface in your arena.”

I have a drag from ABI (Arena Rascal Pro) that does this. It was one of the most expensive options I looked at but has been worth the money for how well maintained my outdoor is. Also helps with gravel drives and harrowing dirt, etc. I chose it due to the reviews and multi use I could get out of it.

I will say, I have been very displeased with the company itself. My drag arrived late, on a pallet that was damaged and not wrapped the way the video showed. It was slightly rusted and the part that hooks up to my UTV was damaged. It was dropped in the middle of my drive way and I had no way to move it because I couldn’t hook it up to my UTV. The company was no help, I couldn’t get in touch with anyone to try to get some info on what I could do to try and fix the broken piece. My husband ended up beating it apart with a sledge hammer in order for us to hook it up and move it. 2 weeks later I finally received an email from the company saying they were sending me a replacement part that I would have to pay for. I told them don’t worry about it, we’ve already fixed it and I don’t want to pay $300 on top of the already expensive drag. They sent it anyway (and then hounded me to pay for it!) and it was a pain in the butt to deal with sending it back.

So I’m happy with the product, as it works, but I really don’t recommend working with this company. If there is another similar product, which I think the above Drag-N-Fly is, I would look into that instead.

Also if anyone reading this works for ABI, call me. Your company was great until I purchased my product. Then I was ghosted.

Gosh, that’s too bad. I just bought one. I had a terrible time with the third party delivery company, but ABI was great. I had a DragNFly drag for a while when I had fiber footing. They are wonderful to work with, too, but that drag packed w sand after I got rid of my fiber footing. Their swivel hitch is awesome. I sold it to someone putting in fiber footing.

Really? We have had ours since our arena was built 6 years ago. I really like it but i need to call someone to have them laser level it now because when i drag i can feel the dip of low spots :frowning: