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Top Jumping Barns in MA

Recently moved to MA and looking for a competetive barn to take lessons at until I get a new horse. Thought I had found one until I read reviews that the trainer is known for sexually harassing women. If anyone knows or can recommend one I would really appreciate it!

What part of MA are you in? Western? Central? SE? Up by Boston? The Cape?

Central- but willing to travel.

PMed you!

I haven’t lived in MA since I was a junior so my information may not be 100% up to date, but if I was back in the area I would call the below:

-Arrowhead in Concord
-Stoneymeade, also in Concord
-Grazing Fields in Plymouth (pretty far…)
-Beechwood in Weston
-Stepping Out in Westford (at the old Volo?)
-Century Mill in Bolton
-HL Select in Boxborough
-Newbury Farm in Westford

I feel like there are a few nice facilities I am forgetting in Carlisle/Weston/Wayland but my cursory Google isn’t jogging my memory!

Most of the bigger barns will go to Florida for all or most of the winter, so make sure you are okay with that (and with the trainer staying at home) if you don’t plan to go South yet.

@173north got most of the best ones in their list. Kristen Bumpus runs Arrowhead and she’s obviously great. Hannah Lavin (HL Select) also has a great small program if you’re looking for something without the big show barn atmosphere. Steppin Out is out of Cavallo Farm in Westford (the old Volo) and Newbury is in Littleton where Steppin Out used to be. I don’t know what the options will be like at these places for lessons if you don’t have your own horse though.

If you’re up for driving to the north shore, there are some other good programs in that direction. If you can get into Ascot in Hamilton to ride with Molly Kenney, she’d be my number one choice. She might be in Florida for the season now though. Ascot does have a great lesson program so you might find something there in the meantime.

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if this is who I think it is, definitely stay away. The sexual harrassment, while extremely distasteful, is secondary to the horse abuse.

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Thank you all for the recommendations, I will definitely be reaching out to some of these barns!