Top-line & feed help?

Okay guys! I need help. My new 5 year old Hanoverian cross is in no way skinny, but he’s definitely not round and filled out either. Especially his hindquarters, it seems that instead of having a round booty his hip bones slightly poke out. He’s currently being fed 1lb of Coolstance Copra, 1lb of Alfalfa hay pellets, and 3oz of High Point once daily. Some have suggested I try Renew Gold, others have suggested Tri-Amino. What do you think? Have you had experience with either? Also curious as to what people think about Coolstance vs Crypto Aero feed…

I wouldn’t worry about the brand of feed, rather than the macro nutrients and the amount of calories.

You can add tri-amino as most feeds lack certain essential amino acids. I think he’s getting enough protein from the coolstance and alfalfa pellets, but may need more calories. You could try increasing the amount of coolstance or feeding more hay.

Is he in work? What kind of work? Correct exercise will fill him out faster/better than any feed change.

To add information, Coolstance did little for my horse. Very little. Nutrena Pro Force lines plus excellent pasture made the difference for my horse. Happy to discuss in a PM.

Yes, he is. I’d say probably light/medium work. Mostly flat work but cross rails as well. Did you use Coolstance alone though?

Yes, he is. I’d say probably light/medium work. Mostly flat work but cross rails as well. Did you use Coolstance alone though?[/QUOTE]

I started using Coolstance alone. It didn’t help up us. Lots of oil (up to 2 c daily of supermarket corn oil, which got all over my horse’s coat and stall). What did help us was transitioning to higher-fat feed (Nutrena Pro force line, fed to directions), supplementing with compressed alfalfa in the winter and at shows. I went off the coolstance and found better ways to keep my horse’s weight up. Feel free to PM me.

I love Tri-Amino if it’s a topline you need. I use Renew Gold on one of my horses as well but it’s more for overall condition and doesn’t have the amino acids you need for a topline. Tri-Amino is cheaper too!

He’s doesn’t appear skinny to me. No ribs showing. Just small neck and butt. Very “lanky baby” look lol. So maybe tri amino is the way to go.

I sent you a PM.

I have a 4 year old WB mare that is filling out . . . but slowly. Some of it is her age, she is still getting taller and sometimes parts of her grow at different rate too. I’d imagine that a 5 year old gelding of his breeding is still growing too. My mare is in 4 days a week of work (W/T/C under saddle, and hacking out at a walk).

However my vet likes Tribute feeds and says that their ration balancer “Essential K” helps to put on topline. So I am feeding her their Kalm Ultra (4 lbs a day) and Essential K (2 lbs / day). Also, some Cocosoya as top dressing. She seems to be doing well on that combination. But I don’t know anything about Coolstance.

I have OTTBs that tend to be on the ribby side. I try to feed as “natural” a diet as possible due to personal experiences/results and to support my horse’s being barefoot. Just my personal choice.

I have fed Coolstance, Renew Gold, and Crypto Aero among many other things to figure out what worked best for my guys. The Coolstance was fed with plain whole oats and a vitamin/mineral supplement. I was feeding a lot of Coolstance at one point, and it honestly did nothing for weight gain. It did make them shiny though. I also tried Renew Gold for weight gain and fed it with Crypto Aero and a vitamin/mineral supplement. It didn’t do much and I cut it out. The manufacturer also only recommends feeding 1.5 lbs tops daily, so you’re limited if your horse still isn’t gaining at that amount.

I love the Crypto Aero feed and have been feeding it to my horses for the past 9 months. I love that the ingredients are all whole food and the horses love it. It is pricey, but you’re supposed to be able to feed less of it. That’s not so much the case with my guys, but they are doing so well on this feed. They get the CA, a mineral/vitamin supplement, some table salt, and free choice hay.