Top Quality Sport Horses For Sale In and Around Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event?

I will be travelling to watch the three day event at Kentucky this April. I am wondering if anyone can recommend some good barns in and around the area that typically have a selection of high quality young sport horse prospects for sale? Looking for genuine sellers, looking for competitive home for horse. Thanks!

Team CEO.

Churchill Hunt Club?

Kidding, KIDDING! :lol:

I second Team CEO. She always has nice OTTBs as well and warmbloods and they are all getting good miles under her tutelage.

May be better to check her FB, not sure if she updates the website as much as the FB site

Spy Coast Farm has a fantastic selection of young horses. I own one of them and am thrilled with him. They are right next to the horse park.

Hillside Haven Farm
Johanna Dufort Hunt

Jen O’Neil (Antebellum Farm)
Elissa Gibbs
Dorothy Crowell.
EventerAJ (on this board)
Cathy Weischoff
Martha Lambert

All usually have some nice young horses in the area.

Jenn O’Neill (Antebellum) has a couple and she’s seconds down the rode from Megan Moore (team CEO). Between the two of them they probably have 10-12.