Look into nurse mare foals. Last Chance Corral

May help to identify what geographic region you’re looking in.

Why not wait until you wean your foal and then get another weanling. Like other posters have said in your other post, getting one now could be unsafe and unmanageable.

I have a foal due in April and I want to try to find a companion foal for him. I would love for him to have someone to play with that is the same age/size! I don’t really want to spend a lot (<$1500), does anyone know if a good place to buy or adopt foals? I would really like to find a foal that will be born in late March, April, or early May. I am open to any breed and have even looked into PMU foals a little bit.[/QUOTE]

Maybe she is looking to purchase an early foal but would wait to bring it home until weaning.

Agree with what everyone else has said. We regularly have just one foal a year and have never had a problem with our foals growing up normal and well adjusted. Your foal will do just fine being the only one. :wink: