I saw your post on the Colonel. I am also in San Antonio and have been looking for trainer recommendations. We relocated here for my husband’s job a few years ago and I was keeping my guy at a private facility, I sold him recently when he needed to step down from jumping and I am now barn and horseless. Any insight on the local scene would be great!

I’m current at Marcos Stables riding with Donna Kinney. She’s an Eventer, so I don’t know if that meets your needs or not. AFAIK there are no H/J trainers out there, although there are several Dressage trainers. I don’t have a lot of personal experience with most of the other barns in the area other than visiting when I was looking for a place to board. Russel Equestrian Center (In Boerne) is certainly something to look at, I don’t think the Colonel himself had been teaching for some time before he passed, but his wife Shane and at least one of his protégés are carrying the flag. Black Copper Farm has a really nice “feel” about it. My kids took a summer camp at Hill Country Riding Academy when they were closer to Bulverde and I was favorably impressed. They’ve moved to New Braunfels. In the Irons (Boerne) may be worth looking into, I believe that it changed ownership In the last two years or so and am not sure that their training/instruction program has been well established at this point.