I don’t think you got my previous reply as your message keeps popping up, but I use Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp CBD pellets (25 mcg per tablespoon) and my 1,500 lb mare gets am and pm doses. She had fractured the tip of her coffin bone years ago and had the fracture removed in an arthrotomy surgery (I did go on to get my gold medal on her). We were maintaining it on Prostride. She is now about 18 months out of her last Prostride injection and sounder than I could ever believe on the hemp pellets. My vet comes tomorrow, so we’ll see what she says, but I don’t see any lameness and the hemp pellets had other benefits (she eats up all of her supplements and improved in her forwardness and performance over a two month period–they said the results would be immediate, but I saw continued improvement). I am sold!