Hi Seabreeze.


I can’t seem to figure out how to REPLY in this new format (yes, I’m an idiot!) so I’m sending a separate message.

Anyway, yeah. I’m using the Cavallo Sport boots, which I like because they’re a bit less clunky than most: https://www.cavallo-inc.com/?v=7516fd43adaa

They really are indestructible, and seem to stay on through anything. You can buy gel pads for them too, or insert whatever pad your farrier recommends. I bought them from the Cavallo site, but you might get them cheaper on sale somewhere. Smartpak seems to have a number of styles most of the time.

One thing though: I wouldn’t let a horse wander around in one boot for any length of time. Good boots have thick soles, so you’re actually unbalancing your horse quite a bit.

Good luck!


Thanks so much! I looked them up. I purchased the Cavallo Entry Level boot. I’ll see how it holds up. I like that the ones you purchased are sold in pairs, though, and sized in two different shapes.

I’ve put her in the boot during the day, and I’m taking it off of her at night. I asked the vet if I should use a pair or if just the one used in such a way would be okay, and she said it would be fine. So we’ll see… I kind of thought the same, but she didn’t seem concerned about it. I haven’t had a horse abscess in years, and I’ve never had one that lingered, so not much need for boots. Guess I was lucky.

Thanks, again, for the information. Best wishes for your horse’s continued healing.