I’m looking for a saddle but I am very tall (5’11.5), I barely have a torso and I am ALL leg. I do hunters and I currently ride in a Crosby Excel (also called a centennial I think), I love it but its not mine and its quite old and ripped (yes, ripped). I love not too much knee padding and not a huge bulge around the knee. I like closer to no padding but I still need some. I need a shallow seat so I can stand up (hunt seat), if you know what I mean. I love Antares and I wouldn’t mind buying used. If you’ve ever ridden in a Crosby excel, that’s basically the same style and length I’m looking for, but just newer & cheaper. No, I don’t want to buy your saddle, I’m just looking for some recommendations! Also I live in Canada so something available here.
Thank you to any one who leaves a rec, it’s very much appreciated, as I got a new horse and need one soon!