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I’m getting together a short book list for you. I’m a director at the University of Washington, usually named as one of the top institutions for the LBGTQ community. I’ve asked one of my colleagues for a book list. They’re the director of our Q Center and is transgender.

They’re new to the role. The previous director decided to move on because they recognized that times had changed and didn’t think they had the skill set to move the Q Center forward. Jen, the prior director, had come of age when coming out was a very big deal. They recognized things had changed when their 5-grade daughter talked about the two moms, or two dads, of her friends. The daughter was so matter-of-fact about all of it, as if she was describing the color of hair. Anyway. Jen’s research indicated that the unbearable suicide rate that you describe is a lagging indicator. Yes, transitioning is extremely difficult. But it’s not unbearable for children who are loved and supported by their families, as your daughter is.

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