Torn biceps tendon recovery - any stories?

Last week ‘whatever’ has been going on in my right shoulder/arm finally came to a head as I pulled my saddle off the rack. I felt a ‘give’ in my bicep, holy cow did that hurt. That was on Monday. On Wednesday the bruising appeared. I also have the “Popeye sign”. And other symptoms. I’m calling the doc today to get an MRI, find out how bad it really is.

So. Has anyone else had this happen? What was your recovery? Did you have to have surgery? How is your range of motion and strength now?

I am cringing. It is just now landscaping season for me. All I can think about is everything I have to do, and never mind getting hay put up later this season!!

I’m probably not the best person to ask, but I have shredded my bicep and it was surgically repaired in December 2018. As far as I know, the bicep is still ok, however, that was my third shoulder surgery and I am having other soft tissue related issues now.

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When I had my shoulder repair, the surgeon said the bicep main tendon was practically shredded by a spur on the shoulder.
He repaired and reattached it, but a bit of those muscle fibers was lost and causes some pain on the bottom part of the bicep muscles by the elbow while in use.

I wonder if part or one of your tendons did tear and that, according to my surgeon, would mean an emergency and longer surgery, fishing down there for it before it gets set and attached where it should not.

Better see what your Dr tells you, they can do wonderful things today.
My shoulder is now practically 100% after the surgery.

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I had a biceps tenodesis along with SLAP repair back in 2017 - the long head of the tendon at the shoulder was torn and the reattached it to the humerus.

After the expected recovery period from the surgery I really have not had any issues with it. I was able to get back to all of my regular activities and pretty dang close to 100% in terms of ROM, strength, etc.

I actually had surgery on my other shoulder back in October of this past year and had a “missing” long head attachment on that shoulder as well. Apparently there was no tendon head there to reattach but I was told the other head should adapt to take the load and I’ll be fine without it.

Jingles to you and your recovery! Shoulder problems suck.

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