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Torn meniscus and displaced fracture

I’m a Grade V para rider due to L5/S1 spinal damage which results in challenges with the left side of my body (can’t ride a manual vehicle anymore, let go of reins with my left hand etc).

In December 2021 I managed to damage my right knee, torn meniscus and displaced fracture. Due to that, my left Achilles became inflamed. Honestly, it never rains but it pours.

Recovery has been slow as the right knee likes cycling as rehab, while the left Achilles likes walking.

Yesterday I was braiding and when I stepped off my step stool my right leg completely forgot how to leg and I fell over. Of course, I fell to the right, landing on my twisted right knee. FFS.

While this injury isn’t as bad pain-wise as the first injury, it just confirms that I can’t trust my right knee, and it will be forever weaker.

I will go to my doctor (I didn’t think much of the guy in A&E) but hoping to hear some feel-good happy stories about knee rehabilitation, please.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. Sounds painful and definitely not how you want to spend your leisure time!

Knees can strengthen pretty well depending on got hurt. Chat with your doctor and get in with an excellent physiotherapist (preferably one who has additional training in gait and gait analysis). They will be able to do a lot.

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As a multiple knee injury person (5 surgeries on right knee, 1 on my left), I will tell you that its super frustrating when you feel like you cant trust your body. I too had an injury that affected my left side, hence the multiple injuries to my right due to compensation. The one thing that I have found invaluable is tons of core work and a PT who understands balance and strengthening and constantly work on your proprioception.

Also, red light therapy helps with healing and pain management!

Good luck!

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I have a friend who is a wounded warrior ( brain compartment injury) and he wears an external brace on one leg which helps with impaired proprioception and nerve communication. While you may not want to use such a device for riding, might it be a useful tool for certain ground activity?

It sounds like you need someone with more than just basic PT skill set. I hope your doctor has a good tool box to refer you to.

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