Tornado-created horrific damage to a small, rural shelter

The Hale County Animal Shelter in Greensboro, AL had the roof virtually blown off. They only have 2 part time volunteers who work the shelter and do their best to keep the animals and kennels dry. There is other damage and so many animals coming in that they cannot take because of lack of room. They desperately need cleaning supplies, wet and dry food and other products they go through daily. They have no low cost spay/neuter program and feral cats get no help at all. They are having to euthanize healthy, precious kittens and cats as well as dogs if they don’t get some relief. If you can foster or adopt, donate or offer anything, it would be so much help. They are good people who care. I’m trying to get the word out and try to get some people in the building supply and building business to step up. Also, getting fosters and adopters would be great. I am going to encourage them to contact FEMA, but it would be a loan since they don’t have insurance and this small community doesn’t help them much as far as $. PLEASE put this on your FB page and anywhere else you can. I am no longer on FB, but anything would help - Thank you for the animals. PennyG - Animal Advocate, Activist, Rescuer/Foster


I found this article, apparently they were on the news:

(…it made me wonder, if the building is owned by the county, why isn’t it insured for the roof damage.)

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public buildings are often ‘self insured’ because it would cost more in premiums than to just rebuild it.

Yes, it is so heartbreaking for the volunteers trying to keep them dry and cared for with so little money. I am hoping they can get some help from FEMA and maybe an adoption event at a Pet Smart or a fund raising. Some of the builders or big box stores in the community could help so much and it wouldn’t affect them that much at all. I don’t live there, so it’s harder to get the word out, but I’m trying to figure out who to speak to in order to get this going.

Is there a GoFundMe? I would be more than happy to put it on my FB.

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Not exactly but the last line of the article cited in the OP shows their PayPal link.

PLEASE put it on your FB page anyway! It’s a small shelter and it should be easy to donate. TY!!!

Because I am a sucker for underfunded rural southern animal shelters - I just sent a donation. via PayPal.

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